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Article 50 has been triggered and so the hysteria begins anew. Cue liberals and their rheumy eyed, limp wristed hand wringing as they worry about where these events will position Britain on the progressive league table of Western countries.

The level of animosity from the liberal progressives over Brexit is unprecedented and unlike the normal wailing we normally see when they do not get their way. It has been frighteningly violent and has widened division. The violence has all the hallmarks of a childish tantrum thrown when a toddler is denied something it wants, and this is of course exactly what it is. Normally a protest will force others to act in the way that the liberals want, but this seems to be one time that the baby will not be given its bottle.

There is a desperate mania involved in the anti-Brexit perspective which is quite unusual. The reason for this alarm is that the yes vote destroyed the liberal world view. This outlook was essentially nihilistic, it taught that we are nothing; it encouraged people to not actively believe in anything because nothing changes, everything is constant. Then suddenly, the Brexit variable tore it all to pieces.

On my walk from home into the town centre, I always see a piece of scrawled graffiti which boldly declares, ‘if voting changed anything they’d ban it’. This sums up the apathy present in Western society regarding politics and also the complacency of the apathetic.

These people are left-leaning, progressive, liberals and they genuinely believe that to partake in politics is to be fooled and suckered into thinking that an individual has any power. These people believe that a vote for one party or side is as good as a vote for any other as nothing will ever change. It is complacent because it assumes that things will always be as they are now. The liberal left exists in a stasis in which nothing changes and so actions have no consequences and no moral outcomes.

The European Union was a part of this stasis. It was seen as an essential aspect of our world. Despite only existing in its current form for twenty-five years, it was considered to be a fundamental aspect of the makeup of the West.

BREXIT 300x169 Brexit, Post Nihilism, and the New Age of Consequences The liberal does not have a long memory, twenty-five years is an eternity, and this contributes to their irresponsible attitude towards multiculturalism. Just as the EU was essential, so too is Western culture. They do not realise, as the conservative does, that all these elements of the world can be transient, and if we do not care for them, they can be replaced.

The idea that nothing ever changes is related to a disconnect in society between actions and consequences which can be demonstrated in three main strands: the removal of Hell as punishment for sin from the Church of England during the secularisation that occurred in England during the 1950s; the absence of tough prison sentences for crimes; the absence of pregnancy from sex which was introduced during the era of the permissive society.

The Church no longer preaches that we should fear for our immortal soul, all sins are forgiven. Society does not punish criminals; it is only interested in rehabilitation. Abortions are freely available. We can do anything we want and there are no real consequences to our actions. This has fostered nihilism as there is no moral element to our actions anymore because there are no negative consequences to them.

This lack of a conception of consequences is why Remain voters are so wretchedly upset, so venomously angry that the vote didn’t go their way. To them, the EU was an ever-present institution, which they could not imagine not existing. They had bought the false narrative that ‘if voting changed anything it would be illegal’. And then suddenly they woke up to find that voting had changed something. They are now living in a world very different to the one from the day before. Actions have consequences again.

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