It is now clear to me that there is a campaign of collecting the scalps of people in major positions in the Trump administration. Perhaps realizing that an actual impeachment of Mr. Trump would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Certain figures within the deep state or the well ingrained establishment have decided that they will attempt to destroy this administration by picking off its major players one by one.

The first scalp was that of General Micheal Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor. They opened up a media narrative campaign against him with multiple stories coming out at the same time about Flynn’s “Russia connections” and then the media focused on the fact that he had lied to the Vice President, Mike Pence. And it was that fact that ended up getting Mr. Flynn fired, at least according to what the president said. My guess is that the pressure had built for Trump to drop him and he used the lie as an excuse. Either way, whatever forces in the deep state that decided to carry out this operation have gotten what they wanted. They have shown Trump and the country that they are in control and not the official government.

michael flynn the retired general on donald trumps vp shortlist explained Collecting Scalps #ALT

The next scalp that they are looking to collect is that of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A story has been released and reported on by all of the mainstream press that Sessions, while he was senator, spoke to the Russian ambassador twice. This is not a major story in my view because Jeff Sessions told his Senate Confirmation Hearing that he wasn’t part of some conspiracy with Russia and he wasn’t. But this story is going to be talked about for the next three months until the press, the Left, and the whole structure of the Establishment gets their scalp. Until, that is, Sessions is fired or forced to step down. All of the different groups here have their own interests here. The Establishment is absolutely fanatical about Russia, if they could, they would invade tomorrow. The military, intelligence, and political establishment of the United States really does want war with Russia. And the Left and the Media wants to show its influence and cripple the Trump administration by keeping them in constant investigations and taking out the main figures in his administration.

170px Jeff Sessions by Gage Skidmore Collecting Scalps #ALT

If you have read my piece “Media Narratives” then you will know that this is another media narrative that has been rolled out to sabotage the Trump administration. It is no coincidence that this story comes out the day after Trump had his address to Congress. An address that got him a good deal of good press. Then before even a news cycle of good news was up, the Sessions story hits. If you choose to believe that this is a coincidence then that is your prerogative but let’s not be naive. The Press, the intelligence community, and all those participating in this particular media narrative are all political actors with their own agendas.

My suggestion for Trump and all those around him, don’t give them an inch. Don’t ever compromise with the press and the establishment. You shouldn’t have fired Micheal Flynn because now the press smells blood in the water. If you have a policy that you want to further, then further it. But do not make one single decision in order to appease the press or the establishment or make them happy. They hate you, they hate what you stand for and any good coverage you get will be short lived, as well as any praise you get from the establishment. You could give amnesty to every illegal immigrant and they will still call you a “racist” and smear you constantly. The Press and the establishment need to be brought to heel. Not through censorship but through utterly delegitimizing them and treating them as “the opposition party”, to quote Steve Bannon.