It is clear to me that the Left I used to support, before I became a right wing nationalist, has completely and utterly abandoned its values. The Left I supported was the Labor Union Left. It was the Left of the working class and working people, that was part of why I supported it. My family’s heritage has been working class for much longer than it has been middle class. Both of my parents worked in the tobacco fields of the South, earning a dollar a day for 12 hours of back breaking labor. My grandparents worked either in factories or in the tobacco fields and both went to war to fight for this country. I joined the Left, in no small part, because I believed that it’s goal and purpose was to defend working people.

may day Diver$ity #ALT


I know many Union songs by heart and my politics have never wandered from a genuine desire to help working people. I left the Left because it became apparent to me that they were more concerned with hating white people than with fighting exploitation. And now, I have seen the utter transformation of the Left into a corporate shill political coalition.

The Left supports mass immigration but what are effects of this immigration on the working class? Lower wages and fewer jobs. And what about the immigrants? They are brought in to have their labor exploited by multinational corporations. The corporations need their bodies, for now, to pick fruit for, at best, 7 dollars an hour because machines are not yet efficient enough to do so. They are brought in as wage slaves for corporations. How is this progressive? How is this liberal? The high skilled immigrants from India are brought in by corporations, who sponsor them, and they are dependent upon those corporate sponsors like indentured servers were dependent upon their sponsors.

All of these policies of diversity and mass immigration are the dream policies of the global Capitalist elite and multinational corporations. Since when did the Left become the errand boys of multinational corporations? Since when did the Left’s political agenda sound like a board meeting at Goldman Sachs or Walmart? The Left needs to ask its self, is it really worth it? Do you really hate white people that much that you are willing to abandon all of your principles to harm us and overwhelm our culture and our countries?

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The Left succeed in getting liberation and, in their minds, justice for the black and brown people of the third world who were living under European colonial occupation. But instead of aiding those peoples in building up their own countries, the Left have aided in helping some of the smartest people from those countries leave and come to the West, where they can help make our corporations money instead of making their home countries stable and prosperous.

And along with the intelligent immigrants who have come to the West, the Left have also let in the worst elements of non-white societies. And where do those immigrants live? That’s right, they live in the white working class areas. Which means that white working class people have to deal with Muslim rape gangs and immigrant criminality, while the rich get an endless supply of good doctors and smart technology guys to help them make money. All while the rich and elite members of society look down on the working class for being “racist” and not loving diversity like the rich do. After all, diversity only means good doctors and smart people, why can’t those peasants get over their racism?

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So not only do working class white people have to deal with their wages being undercut, possibly losing their jobs, having the character and culture of their communities and country utterly changed or destroyed, and dealing with the crime and anti-white attacks carried out by hostile immigrants. But they also have to deal with being socially ostracized and called racist if they disagree with any of that. These conditions are intolerable.

The elite and the Left need to know that there will be a price to be paid for their treachery and betrayal. I will not be the one to exact that price but let’s just say, that there was a reason why the elites of past societies feared the angry, working class mob.