To say the Democratic Party is continuing to take a beating in the post-election cycle would be an understatement. Senators Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are holding it together with little more than verbal chewing gum and legislative duct tape as they endlessly, and very often, baselessly, criticize Donald Trump. That’s all they can really do it seems. Criticize. Pelosi has had a string of embarrassing gaffes lately that make her look incompetent and quite possibly senile as she attempts to malign the incoming Trump Administration at every turn.

She mistakenly stated that the current President was George W. Bush in a press conference, and she continues to make inane claims about Trump’s purported ties to Russia. She does this despite no evidence Donald Trump has any proven ties to the Kremlin. In return, Trump has hammered her on Twitter with pictures of Pelosi herself with the very same ambassador she publicly lambasted the Attorney General for having in his Senate office. It’s become a circus of sorts with Pelosi jumping on any kind of news, rumors, or innuendo as a means of impugning her rival.

Another Democratic all-star, Maxie Waters—the rabidly anti-Trump African American Congresswomen from California—thinks that Vladimir Putin’s military invaded Korea, not Crimea. You don’t say? It’s almost comical in its absurdity to make such inaccurate statements. How can anyone take these people seriously in their criticisms of the President when they sound like babbling political amateurs? Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was berated in the media during the 2016 presidential election for not knowing that the city of Allepo was in Syria. Why should Waters receive a pass when she doesn’t seem to know that Korea is in Asia and that it is broken into two separate countries that are 6,600 kilometers away from Russia’s border?

Saying foolish things publicly is one thing, but having outright dysfunctional policies is another matter altogether. It seems that neither standard-issue Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, nor most the Democrats, have learned anything from the election of Donald Trump. We can assume, with opponents like that, making inroads into the political scene was relatively easy for the Donald. After all, we can surmise he would not have run had he thought he would not win. He certainly knew people were sick and tired of Washington’s politics as usual and he played that card to the fullest, winning the election in a stunning upset.

Now that this odious and fascist man is occupying the Oval Office with his band of nationalistic psychopaths, one would think it would be an easy ride back to a strong base of power and influence for Democrats. Think again. It has been nothing but one bad turn of events after another for the party of Jefferson. While Trump may be getting pushback from various political factions in Washington DC, he has been successful in advancing his agenda thus far. The fact that his tax returns were illegally leaked by the MSMBC, yet nothing shocking came of it, is only one more dud in a series of attacks against the President that have gone nowhere. The Democratic political pop gun is running out of bullets.

All of this makes the Democrats look bad. The kind of bad that people are scornfully mocked over, not the run of the mill bad that is ubiquitous in American political discourse. However, the Democrats could easily pull it together and rally the nation behind them if they just did a few small things. For starters, healthcare. Paul Ryan has put forth a plan that is being demonized by Pelosi, Sanders, and Schumer. Instead of arguing for the one thing people want, which are single payer healthcare plans, the Democrats have decided to miss their golden opportunity to say we should amend Obamacare and fix the mistakes we made, not scrap it completely. They are going to do nothing of the sort. They are choosing instead to cry foul, be negative, and offer zero solutions, all the while hoping that “Ryancare” winds up on the dustbin of legislative history.

One thing that frosts Americans more than anything is when they feel like elite politicians are playing with their lives. For this reason, issues like abortion, gun control, healthcare, war, and childhood education are always topics of fierce debate. People are tired of being treated like second-class citizens in their own country, and as far as I can tell, that was a major reason Trump was successful in the first place. He seems to knows this. He is always pandering to the loyal base that elected him on the promise of changing the rotted and feted culture that permeates Washington’s beltway.

So far, he is having an uphill battle in attaining a solid approval rating. The Democrats would be wise to offer solutions to what people want and capitalize on this weakness, but they refuse to do the simple task of even exploring viable measures to ameliorate their own sagging approval ratings. A quick fix would be to say to the public we need to tax people like other Western countries do and provide universal healthcare for all. Done. Over. Finished. Drop the mic and walk away. They would look instantly sensible, thoughtful, and compassionate. But that would be too easy.

When it comes to the drone wars and the burgeoning cold wars that may soon turn hot, instead of allowing the programs headed by the CIA to continue unabated, the Democrats could offer themselves as the anti-war party. How easy it would be! The odds of Trump’s war on ISIS being over anytime soon is unlikely, so the Democrats could become the party that finally says, no, we are bringing the troops home. Enough is enough.

This could cool tensions in the region and they could say we are now working on peaceful measures to ensure the safety of refugees in Syria and to prevent future conflicts. It would be a breeze. Just looking good politically, it would be a sure way to woo independent voters that want a humbler foreign policy. But they’ve done nothing even close to this, and they won’t do it. Mark my words.

And what about border security? Schumer wants to shut down the government to protest the construction of the wall. How tremendously foolish. Such a move is only going to spark huge tensions in the country and make the Democrats look like they are in full support of illegal immigration. They could just as easily push for greater deportation measures (that would keep families together) and they could ask for a large increase in ICE officers in lieu of building a massive border wall.

Of course, that would be reasonable and the Democrats are anything but reasonable in 2017. No, Schumer will play the victim card for Hispanics and say that the Republicans are evil and heartless, when secretly, and not so secretly, most of the country will cheer once they see the number of illegal aliens in the country being reduced. Schumer and Pelosi and Sanders—all of them with Jewish families —were the ones that vociferously backed Muslim candidate Keith Ellison for the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison lost because he was seen as too radical for the average voter to stomach, casting doubt on his ability to be the man to run the party’s platform going forward.

There is one boat that the Democrats would be wise to catch that would surely net them huge points with most of the populace, and it could set sail in the form of empowering the nation financially. One surefire way to do this would be by re-regulating the financial industry. This would prove to people that government is needed, and they could show how the government is looking out for their best interests. From Wall Street to the environment to the food supply to medicines and beyond, the country desperately needs tighter regulations. Even if they called for enforcing existing laws it would be a huge victory.

The Dems could take the high ground and fight Trump by saying, no, we need to reform now and we must recommit ourselves to things like the Glass-Steagall Act and implementing other New Deal-era policies that would protect Americans from financial and environment ruin. People’s health as it relates to hormone-laden foods that are often contaminated with herbicides could be a rallying cry for better regulation of corrupt industries. Curb the use of H-1B and H2-B visas. Protect American workers from offshoring. Demand the government provide assistance for childcare, as Trump has proposed numerous times. It’s all there for the taking, but they would just assume take a pass.

Debating who can urinate in which bathroom is far more important on the hierarchy of just causes.

Donald Trump and his aide Steve Bannon are handing the Democrats a golden opportunity to make these kinds of policies a reality, at least when it comes to jobs programs. Trump is calling for a one trillion-dollar infrastructure program to rebuild the country and put Americans back to work. Democrats love this kind of stuff. Well, their base does. The ones in Congress do not seem very keen on sticking up for the working-class man or woman.

Trumps is, however. That is why half the country elected him. Even if most liberals voted for Hillary Clinton, they support the idea of protecting American jobs. Most were opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership. All the Democrats would have to do to look charitable would be to claim they will not rest until such a bipartisan bill is passed and Americans can rebuild the country. It would be a great corollary to curbing military spending and reducing federal expenditures for welfare and food stamps. People would say, well, Pelosi and Schumer have their hearts in the right place, maybe in 2018 I will vote for a Democrat?

Truth be told, none of those things is going to happen and that is why the Democrats are going to remain underwater for the foreseeable future. Their agenda is cemented in fighting Donald Trump, the racist, homophobe, xenophobe, and all around dictatorial orange-haired clown. They don’t seem to see that everyone is watching them and they are producing no attractive alternatives to the current administration. That is a huge problem in you want to win an election. It’s almost as if the party wants to be marginalized and fail because it is comfortable with trying to portrait its self as a victim. Yes, the victim of a mean, heartless old white men. Will the torture never end?

Yes ma’am, you can bet your bottom dollar, that the Democrats could be a rejuvenated group of veritable heroes in no time, but only if they truly act and quit complaining and badmouthing the “Orange Caligula.” The we-are-not-Trump vote was already tried by Clinton and it backfired miserably, which goes to show how poorly people viewed the supposed progressive party in the run up to the election. For all intents and purposes, Clinton ran against a misogynistic, Mexican-loathing, narcissistic cretin turned wannabe celebrity TV star, and she still lost despite having the support of the mainstream media and corporate American behind her.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that people want politicians who will attempt to look out for their own best interests. That could easily be the new and improved Democrats, but it won’t happen, and that is why they will remain a sad and desperate lot going into the 2018 mid-term elections. When you layer on the crazy social justice wing of the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter, there is no telling how disgusted the average voter will become in the next year and a half. People want solutions to problems, not obstruction, negativity, or closeted deceit. So, it makes me chuckle to think of how simple it would be to galvanize the party around such basic concepts.

Former Vice President “Uncle” Joe Biden recently said to give President Trump a chance. He’s aware of how foolish continuing to attack Trump is starting to sound. The Democrats would be smart to reformulate their ground game for 2018, but at this pace, the election will have come and gone before they know it.








Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher

Michael Land holds a BA and MA in Literature and Spanish. He is a fiend and a layabout who takes particular interest in the goings on of Western culture and its ignominious decline.

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