How to Cure Your Liberalism (Part III): Common Sense and Secular Religiosity

Exercise Common Sense

If it looks like a dog, smells like a dog, barks like a dog, and sniffs other dog’s butts, what is it?

The leftist mindset that once inhabited my cranium is uncomfortable calling a dog a dog. Objectivity, as conceived by the Liberal mind, is the consideration of every possible perspective or representation of reality. And that’s just silly. We’re smart animals, and we’re fully capable of determining what is and what is not. We can figure things out.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t question the status quo or listen to a diverse array of opinions. But the virtue of having an open mind is not that simple. You should very quickly be able to figure out that Islamic terrorism is inexcusable and that Che Guevara was a murderer. Despite whatever apologists say to provide perspective, some things are so intrinsically wrong that no explanation can validate them.

Far too often, people take their common sense for granted, and mistakenly replace it with empathy. And while empathy is a wonderful emotion when it comes to helping friends and understanding people, it can become a hindrance that leads to the rationalization of atrocity when left unchecked.

Feminism, one the left’s most hideous byproducts, is the obliteration of common sense. One of many falsehoods accepted and propagated by feminists is the gender wage gap. Feminists speak as if it is an empirical fact that women make something around three-fourths of what men make for the same amount of work while having equal amounts of both education and work experience.

Common sense should compel you to question this notion immediately. In a greedy, selfish, capitalistic world, wouldn’t it then be advantageous for an employer to hire women exclusively? If you could pay an employee $45,000 per year instead of $60,000 for the same work, you’d have to be insane to pony up the extra dough.

Here’s a real life analogy:

As an English teacher in Thailand, the educators in the job market who native speakers like me must compete with are Filipinos, Africans, and other non-native English speakers. This is because they work for less money. Native speakers are from wealthier countries, and cannot afford to work for extremely low salaries without risking their chances to return home. Since the costs of living in the Philippines and Cameroon are not as high as the West’s, teachers from those places are willing to work for less. This causes a dilemma for the schools: to hire non-native speakers for peanuts? Or to hire native speakers at a premium?

If a Kenyan or Indian were able to offer the same authenticity of language as an Australian or a Canadian at a lower cost to the employer, native speakers would be forced to lower their demands or work elsewhere.

This is not to say that women in the workforce are somehow less capable than their male counterparts. Rather, it is meant to show that wages and productivity coincide naturally. There is no societal conspiracy interfering with the free market to give men a financial advantage over women.

Genuine factors exist which cause average male salaries to be higher than women’s. For example, women generally take more sick days than men. Women work part-time more regularly than men. Women choose careers that are safer and of less necessity to society than men. And, possibly most importantly, many women temporarily exit the workforce to raise children.

Throughout human history, women have been the primary caretakers of their children and households while men have hunted and gathered or worked. In the years women leave their jobs to care for their babies, their peers (both male and female) advance in their professions, stay up-to-date in their fields, and earn more money accordingly. When mothers go back to work, their labor is often not as valuable as the labor of those who never discontinued their careers.

That’s just common sense.

Come to Terms with Your Secular Religiosity

Here’s a little anecdote that may have led me down the path to atheism:

When I was very young, maybe seven or eight, I remember my mom yelling at me for making a mess in the basement. She had me sitting down and was reinforcing that what I had done was wrong when I stopped her. “Mom,” I said, “I didn’t do it; God did.” She couldn’t even rebut my desperate defense. She tried her hardest not to grin, shook her head, and sighed in loving, parental frustration.

Clever, huh? Well, it was still quite some time before I was comfortable announcing my independence from God. And when I did, I smugly thought that I had been intellectually baptized.

What I’ve come to realize is that atheism and religion are not mutually exclusive. An easy way to prove this is to look at Buddhism. Buddhism is one of the most practiced religions in the world, and there is nothing in Buddhism’s dogma about one or many gods. In other words, Buddhism is, by definition, an atheistic organized religion.

But religious behavior exists outside of conventional faiths too. Some people worship money. They see money as the answer to all of their prayers, and sacrifice themselves to it. Helicopter parents worship their children. Diehard sports fans worship their teams. Environmentalists worship the planet. And leftists worship Diversity, Equality, and The State.

Historically, Communism has been secular. North Koreans are discouraged from practicing a religion, but at the same time face dire consequences for not kowtowing to whichever Kim-Jung they’re up to at the moment. Religion was outlawed in Mao’s China as well as in the Soviet Union, but sacrificing oneself to the holy foundation of the state was mandatory. In the same way many liberals fear the possibility of the religious right forcing Christian values upon our nation, we should be far more terrified of our government’s potential to proclaim itself our deity.

I have come to believe it is far more important to remain irreligious than it is to remain atheist. What difference does it make whether or not God exists anyway? The morals God espouses in the 10 Commandments are identical to the morals of an objective and free man:

  1. I am God; I freed you from slavery (you are free)
  2. No other gods before Me (don’t worship)
  3. Do not carry My name in vain (don’t blame Me for your failings; take responsibility for your actions)
  4. Keep the Sabbath holy (remind yourself that you are free)
  5. Honor your father and mother (I’m pretty sure this doesn’t count for abusive or neglectful parents)
  6. Don’t murder
  7. Don’t commit adultery
  8. Don’t steal
  9. Don’t lie
  10. Don’t covet (In Hebrew, coveting is desiring another’s property to the point of actually taking it, not simply desiring it)

There’s nothing about bowing down, fasting, sacrificing buffalo, or giving authority over education and healthcare to the state. The God of the Bible is far less theocratic than the Democratic Party.

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