Recently, Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk announced a new movement, called Justice Democrats, to push for reform within the government and to takeover the democratic party. The heads of this movement are Kyle Kulinski, Cenk Uygur, and a few lead members of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Now before you throw your hands in the air in opposition at the very thought of The Young Turks leading this, let’s actually break down their two core tenets of the movement. These tenets that I will be covering are the highest priority of the movement according to Kyle Kulinski.

The first and main tenet is about getting money out of politics. This includes passing a constitutional amendment to ban Super PACs and private donations to campaigns or politicians. What they aim to replace this system with is a new ‘clean public financing system’ that would stop and prevent corporations and billionaires from gaining power over politicians to suit their own interests. In short, they are pushing for the government to serve the people rather than the interests of mega corporations.

Their second tenet is for high taxes on the rich and redistribution of wealth to serve the middle and lower classes. One of their proposals is putting regulations on corporations to force their CEOs to pay their ‘fair share’ or in their words ,”Ensuring that no millionaire CEO pays less in taxes than his or her secretary”

My response:

Starting off with the first one, the attack on corruption in the government. I full heartedly agree on this one. I think we should be pushing to get Super PACs, lobbyists, and private interests out of the government since all that is doing is serving corporate billionaires and disregarding the majority of the middle and lower classes.

The second one, high taxes on the rich. This one I oppose to a great extent. First off, the rich are paying their fair share of taxes. According to an IRS report from 2014, those making $250,000 and above paid 51.6% of income tax and only made up 2.7% for returns filed.

Billionaires should pay more in tax than the rest of us but that should be according to the already established system where you pay a percentage of your total income in taxes.

In terms of increased taxes, that fails tremendously. Increasing taxes on mega corporations will force corporations to move their productions overseas to exploit low minimum wage countries as well as less small businesses and more corporate rule, thereby creating monopolies.

Since half of their main premise I am in disagreement with, I refuse to support the movement. Although I agree with de-corrupting political parties, I refuse to support it at the expense of the economy.


Justice Democrats Platform (Policies)
Rich Pay More In Taxes: