26 tremendous propaganda posters from chinese communists 300x220 Losing Your Soul to Communism How do leaders like Kim Il sung go from freedom fighters and righteous democrats to monstrous dictators that claim the lives of countless countrymen? Is there something inherent in the ideology of communism (and SJW movements) that make the good lose their soul?

Oh how I miss the good old days of imperialism! Back then you knew where you were. Just send a gunboat into Canton and the next thing you know you’ve got your own island and trading rights leading to gold, fame and fortune. The natives are a tricky challenge and your citizens are gods. I get it. A very straightforward ideology.

Communism? Not so clear. Communist regimes have always bothered me because I could never quite work them out. Kim Il Sung genuinely fought for national independence from Japan and inspired the masses with his desire to share land and implement democracy and rights for women.

Look at the Chinese constitution and legal system, on paper it is pretty good. The list of communist achievements goes on (albeit many of them are on paper only) and it has always struck me as to how morally superior communist revolutionaries were (in word only). Mao actually fought a guerrilla war against the Japanese against the odds and wrote with passion about how he longed to see his country to be run by the Chinese again and implement democracy and freedom for all.

Mao loved education and had a way of making the Chinese feel good about being Chinese again. But… as soon as he got power he started to go mad and introduced the evils of communism that we saw in Russia and North Korea etc.

So how does one who fights for justice and the wellbeing of one’s country suddenly become a leader that has no issue with becoming their biggest enemy? We could make excuses and say that ‘Stalin didn’t really know what was happening’ or ‘if only America had let global communism take hold’ but these explanations are not good enough.

Surely we could expect to see at least one of the great communist countries produce a stable and humane society. We are then faced with the conclusion that the leaders of communism knew exactly what they were doing but this too does not ring true with the pages and pages of altruistic and passionate works left to us by communist leaders.

The understanding I now have is that there is simply something about the path of communism that makes one lose their soul. Imperialism is clear from the start- kill the foreigners and steal their stuff. Communism is pure social justice but quickly turns into the worst kind of evil. It’s a curse. It’s a curse that is taking hold today with the rise of SJWs.

First, the revolutionaries become morally outraged about the state of an unfair society and wish to make change. They find communism and sign up to the stars, hammers and sickles and quickly find an ideology to guide and unite them.

If communism was not there then these revolutionaries would be individuals attempting to create positive change on their own, admirable but ineffective on the whole. Communism quickly takes hold of whole cities and then engulfs a country and sees many successes. Of course, it is not hard to shine in the darkness of Japanese occupation/ royal tyranny/ an obscene loss of life on the frontlines etc. so communism begins as a genuine force for good. A few assassinations of objectively treasonous individuals or Japanese soldiers is understandable to the masses. Go, team communism!a1 300x200 Losing Your Soul to Communism

Next step: ensure the evils of the past cannot come back to haunt you. Once the royal family is out of power then they need to be neutralised for good. Here is where the soul gets sold to Satan. When the communists took power in Russia they needed to protect their achievements to stop further bloodshed.

Exile or something more permanent? If you are sure of your convictions and righteousness then what’s the harm in exile? Surely the people would never support a return of the Tsar. When faced with this decision Lenin knew he had to get rid of the royal family for good or else more war and social turmoil would follow and with this backdrop in mind we can sympathise with the notion that sacrificing one family is better than starting more war and sacrificing more families. The only problem being that the reality of ordering the execution of innocent children is a bitter pill to swallow and mars one’s moral purity forever.

It is at this point that the curse takes effect. Once one innocent family has been dealt with then how can you stop there? With the royal family gone then their allies will step up to fill the void. Liquidation of more innocents follows and the precedent for murder for the greater good has been set.

What follows then is the original ideologically pure supporters and their objections to the monstrous steps that their new leaders have taken. The murder of an oppressive general in war time is acceptable, but the disappearance of innocents is something different. When these voices speak up the system is shocked and purges follow. Communist leaders all went through this phase at the beginning of their reign.

It’s like they were caught with a smoking gun in their hands standing over the body of their victim and when challenged by their friends who were about to turn them in they pulled the trigger without thinking and killed them too.

Once blood has been spilt then the mindset of the murderer/leader becomes one of paranoia. A too high a price has been paid now, the project must succeed and anyone who stands in the way must be silenced for the good of the many. They will all understand when they see the utopia. They will be thankful.

The very nature of communism causes this to happen every time. During the process of societal reconstruction (which can be a very admirable goal) there must be the inevitable process of uprooting those who resist it. Once battles have been fought the stakes then become higher and the revolution takes on a ‘double or quits’ nature with more and more bloodshed every time.

The current plague of SJWs fits this pattern. They all start with a genuine desire to help those in need, and as soon as they tackle the social and cultural causes for these problems they must fight a battle which leads to another and another. The more destruction they cause, the higher the stakes. Double or quits, goodbye to my soul.

If this idea is correct then we can expect SJWs to take extremely violent action in the future as a matter of course. Can you see this happening? Will Satan be granted enough time and space to enact the curse on the modern communist? Let me know in the comments and let’s talk.