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Put your money where your mouth is

By March 19, 2017 No Comments

One of the things i most often notice in today’s discourse is the usage of language and it’s effect. From the ubiquitous examples of SJW’s chanting empty slogans like brain-dead zombies, incorrectly interpreting what people say, deliberately misrepresenting dissenting opinions, or casually throwing serious accusations, evidence abound of the terrible consequences that misused language has on society.

Some recent examples are:

  • Trump’s pussy grabbing comment cited as “Sexual violence”.
  • Criticism of one’s ideas as a “violation of safety”.
  • Criticism of one’s ideas as “assault” (Prominent non-leftists are guilty of this mistake as well). And though the distinction between “verbal assault” and “assault”, “assassination” and “character assassination” might’ve been pedantic in the past, it is clear that it is as necessary as the prerequisite caveats of “I’m not saying all ____ are ____, but…” before sharing an opinion.
  • Virtue signalers believing their opinions are acts of humanitarianism.
  • Virtue signalers believing opposing opinions are acts of hatred.

I learned the vital difference between words and actions as a child. Whether it was the “do as I say and not as I do” attitude of authority figures, scientific claims that didn’t match reality, or unfulfilled promises, I learned to judge people on what they do rather than what they say. This lesson was cemented in my teen years as the culture was relatively similar to the one we find ourselves in today. The difference was that public ego-stroking was done through signalling depravity instead of virtue.

Thus, virtue signalers are defeated the same way depravity signalers are; by putting them to the test.

Think back to when you were a teenager and there was a loud, annoying jerk who would constantly boast about how “bad” he was and even going as far as to “proving” it by picking on others (today’s equivalent of SJW’s berating others as being hateful and uncaring). Like all types of bullies, those people didn’t shut up by simply being ignored by everyone. Depending on the subculture you were a part of, someone would force them to walk the walk, and as you are probably aware, the overwhelmingly majority of them either fail the test or dick-tuck. Either way, it results in public embarrassment on the bully’s end, and they, along with the rest of society, learn the valuable lesson of not writing cheques their asses can’t cash.

Now, I’m not saying to call them out on their B.S. the next time you’re at a protest; this will be ineffective as a result of Group Psychology and the effects it has on Ego*. A lot of the antics of today have been encouraged by internet culture and the effects of the anonymity that it provides. IRL, the equivalent of online anonymity is being in a crowd. Instead, the next time you cross paths with them in a more private setting or as part of a much smaller group if not ideally alone, ask a pro-refugee SJW how many they’ve taken into their homes. If they counter with some B.S. about donating money to charities, point it out as a non-sequitur as that is not what they preach, and there is obviously a big difference. Ask them why they haven’t taken the homeless person on the street into their own homes. Ask them what they’ve done to fight the “Islamaphobia” from Shia Muslims towards Sunni’s and vice versa.

Funny Black Lives Matter Meme 1 Put your money where your mouth is #ALT

Of course, for those of us who actually have brains, we don’t even need to go this far to notice the hypocrisy in their virtue signalling as we know that there are ALWAYS humanitarian issues to address, most of which are entirely national, if not local. So we already see the hypocrisy of feminists protesting the imaginary rape culture of the west while ignoring the real ones in Western Europe and other Islamic Societies. We already notice the double standard of BLM activists protesting the shootings of a few black men, most of which were justified, while dick-tucking when it comes to the incomparable amount of black on black violence. We see the double standard of pro-refugee SJW’s that not only haven’t taken any refugees of their own, but don’t even live in white-minority neighborhoods. As evident in the endless videos online, however, attempting to reason at this level with SJW’s is utterly futile. Therefore, I believe that the strategy outlined in this article is superior for (moderate) public shaming, if not inducing critical thought.

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