The election of Trump has made the stakes of the next decade clear as to whether we will use technology to move closer towards freedom and autonomy or towards centralized tyranny.

The United States has been slow-boiled for decades to the end of removing their liberties and sovereignty, and it is only now that the globalists have faced an existential threat to their power in the form of not just Donald Trump, but a full on revolt from both sides of the establishment and the war against their necessary systems of propaganda.

The importance of the election could not have been made clearer than by the Russian Propaganda bill which made its way through the house of the United States congress on December 12. Had Hillary Clinton won, the censorship and war against alternative media would be far worse than it currently is, and if Trump is impeached, assassinated, or removed from office in four years you will only see that war escalate as the establishment seeks to reassert its control of the public mind.images The Globalists are in their end game.

Whenever one group is given the power to censor, the definition of “Nazi”, “hate-speech”, “conspiracy theorist”, or even “Russian propaganda” will inevitably expand towards anything which is a threat to those who control the levers of power. Power only allows freedom to exist to the extent it cannot impose its will on the people. One sees the sham of American “democracy” and “rights” when these come into conflict with the goals of the state which has no compunctions on violating the rights of its citizens if possible.

This is easily demonstrated by history when individuals who posed a threat to the agenda of the state faced total violation of their civil liberties be it in cointelpro or Schenck vs. United States in which the court ruled the United States Constitution does not protect “dangerous speech”, or in that case the right of a citizen to protest the United States war involvement in Europe.

If the state cannot codify its will into law, it will resort to Fabian tactics to impose its will and circumvent the anger of the people against any outright power-grabs or suppression. The current strategy the mainstream media monolith is visible every day on Twitter with shadow banning, throttling, and the censorship of accounts who violate the “trust and safety council” rules of Twitter. Reactionary right wing accounts are banned without question even when they don’t harass or abuse anyone, whereas openly antagonistic or threatening leftist accounts are allowed to function normally.

The current strategy is to contain and divide the right into its own echo chamber so as not to spread its anti-globalist messages or ideas to a wider audience without triggering the Streisand effect, and instead engage in more subtle and discreet forms of censorship. Artificial intelligence is also beginning to improve which would make the concept of big brother terrifyingly real as media companies will be able to outright censor “low-quality” tweets instead of disposing of their comments sections which are full of individuals calling them out for their propaganda and lies.

Those who are concerned with their own freedoms should not take this threat lightly or see our victory as inevitable. Were it not for the tactics social media companies have engaged in we would surely have significantly more influence than we do now, and there could easily be future circumstances in which they will be able to get away with total censorship and complete the slow-boiling of the American frog whether it is through legislation or the actions of private companies.

download The Globalists are in their end game. The globalists have come far on many fronts removing our abilities to fight back against their power with mass immigration to destroy cultural identity, and the Progressive Virus which has infected such a large part of the population any hope of containing it died long ago. Whether the forces of liberty and truth survive will be determined by whether they are able to reach the masses in time and overcome decades of propaganda and indoctrination which our society has been subjected to.

Even if their ability to slow-boil us becomes neutralized, they can always flip the board with a civil war which will destroy freedom forever if we lose, or with a false flag event which constructs an enemy from without so they can crush the enemy within. If we are intent upon victory, the way forward rests on the dismantling on deep state power, the belligerence of the American public against any outside war (especially against any major nuclear power like Russia or China), the continued protections of free expression, and the development of decentralized digital technology a la bitcoin and blockchain.

In the next 4-7 years, Genome-wide Association Studies will confirm differing genetic makeups among individuals and groups completely destroying and notions of equality or infinite human malleability which the leftist ideology relies on. This has the potential to cause a radical backlash against leftism and any perceived Marxist or “constructionist” ideologies.

Either we reach critical mass in time to overcome the power of globalism, or our efforts will be too little to fight against the encroaching police state which will consolidate its power and make any future resistance useless. Those in power who craft policy and pull strings play a long game, but the threat we pose to breaking their political economy of knowledge makes the next decade crucial to whether we shall live in freedom or whether we live in tyranny.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

-George Orwell