marxism Was Marx a Useful Idiot? #ALT

Going on the basis that the theory of communism is, in theory, potentially a very humane and extremely democratic one, we have to ask if its author was nothing more than a useful idiot.

First things first: the theory of communism was good? Stay with me and hear me out. What Marx wrote about was essentially the exploitation of the masses by the rich and how the system of capitalism would keep going until eventually one day the whole world would belong to just a handful of corporations and that things would need to change and power should be returned to the people who should always remain sovereign.

This is a simplification of communism, but the point is that it was not explicitly designed to be a blueprint for Stalinism or the horrors undertaken by Mao Zedong etc. Communism really should be patriotic, democratic, humane and fair. It is with this viable reading of Marx’s theories that I shall be attempting to gain a slightly different insight into communist movements, the historical results of which I abhor like any other lover of freedom.

I recently watched Yuri Bezmenov’s Deception was my Job interview where he allegedly spills the secrets of the USSR and their agenda to infiltrate America and the West with Cultural Marxism- a concept that I am sure readers will be familiar with already- and how ideologically pure supporters would be used to promote cultural destruction so that an era led by communist dictators could be ushered in.

As soon as ‘they’ got into power Bezmenov states that the ideologically pure supporters would be promptly disposed of and their true identity as ‘useful idiots’ would be revealed. Bezmenov explains that ‘they’ would need to dispose of the useful idiots due to their in-depth knowledge of the ideology that the new state claims to serve: communism.

marxism and the state 9 300x201 Was Marx a Useful Idiot? As communism as an ideology actually makes no mention of gulags and public executions and professes to create an equal and extremely democratic society it becomes clear why the useful idiots need to be removed: they are the faithful who will actually be the first to rebel en masse when they see that their new leaders are megalomaniacal monsters who want nothing more than to utterly oppress and destroy.

This pattern makes sense. First you ride the waves of the fervour created by a faithful band of revolutionaries and then hijack their work in order to gain absolute power. This is what happened in China where the progressive intellectual elite converted to communism and enabled it to take root but were quickly weeded out and executed in the Hundred Flowers Campaign and then again during the Cultural Revolution. Mao used their faith to get to power then quickly cut them down and took absolute control as China’s new emperor.

I now have two questions here: were Mao, Lenin, Kim Il Sung etc. planning this from the beginning or were they once one of the faithful who became corrupted later? (I want to pick up on how this might happen another time) If you read most analyses on communism then the overall consensus is that these dictators were planning to install the world’s most oppressive regimes right from the start and knew what they were doing.

Certainly, if one believes that there is a conspiracy to do the same again today then this is the only conclusion we can come to. I’m not Alex Jones enough to nail my colours to that mast, but I find the current trends of systematically dismantling Western society uncanny and downright terrifying.

marxism 300x199 Was Marx a Useful Idiot? Now let us get to Marx. Going with the facile theory that communist leaders and those behind the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy to impose global Cultural Marxism know what the end result will be I suddenly began to see Marx’s place in all of this- he too is a useful idiot! Marx did NOT advocate the political systems that the USSR etc. embodied, he advocated justice and democracy and had a moral objection to exploitation and imperialism.

Of course, his ideas were not perfect, but they were an attempt to scientifically chart, guide and predict the development of man for the better. Intentionally or not Marx’s ideas then created a group of followers who raised the flag of communism to advocate change and begin the journeys of Lenin et al.

As we are going with the assumption that the new regimes to follow were knowingly heading to tyranny then that must mean Marx himself was a useful idiot. Suddenly Marx becomes the original holy prophet of communism that empowered mass movements towards revolutions from communist heaven.

Marx’s ideas were used to stoke the fires of revolutionary fervour but his voice was ultimately silenced when it no longer suited the new state. I genuinely believe that Marx never envisioned the evil that would result from his ideas, but he played a fundamental role in its realisation nonetheless.

Why does this redemption of Marx from an evil mastermind to useful idiot matter to us today? Because unless deleted from human knowledge, he will always act as a kind of honey trap for the masses. Like it or not, Marx’s ideas do genuinely inspire many to work tirelessly for the realisation of a fair and democratic society for all.

220px Stalin birthday2 Was Marx a Useful Idiot? Today we can see that capitalism, despite its many virtues, is implacably propelling us towards total globalisation and another kind of tyranny. Marx saw this a long time ago and offers an alternative and will continue to appeal to many… the problem is that he is now nothing more than a useful idiot and can only lead us into the same fates as Russia and co.

How do you see Marx and communism? Will there be a resurgence of communism as a backlash to globalisation? I would really like to know and develop my thoughts even further. Leave a comment and let’s talk.