n CHINA STOCK MARKET 628x314 300x150 Why Communist China is Freer Than You Think Despite its reputation as a communist hell hole, China is actually a place which offers great freedom to its citizens (if you know where to look).

To begin, let me give you some personal background. I used to live, work and study in China and truly fell in love with the place. I have studied China’s political system, ideology, history and laws in depth and have had many candid conversations with Chinese nationals who ended up becoming my best friends. It is from this knowledge base that I wish to highlight to the uninitiated just how free and liberal China can be.

No, I have not been brainwashed by the Red Guard. I know that China is home to the brutal One Child Policy (now two children are allowed) and crushes all potential resistance to its regime. I know how evil the reign of communism has been and I do not pretend that China is anywhere near perfect, but there are so many instances where the freedom of the average Chinese citizen seems so much more apparent than that found in the West and at the very least, China is no North Korea where people are terrified to open their mouths lest they be disappeared. It is the positive side of China I wish to discuss for now, the negatives are a given.

So, what is so good about China? Before my first visit, I too had read the reports and seen the documentaries and had come to the conclusion that China must be some very oppressive country where people never dared open their mouths or break the law out of fear of the government that could swoop in and take you at any moment.

I wanted to test the Chinese and cockily show them how great the West was and how superior my liberal mind was (I was quite young at the time!) and soon found myself in a conversation with a Chinese colleague about censorship in China. What struck me was how she did not fear a political discussion and how much she supported her government.

After digging a little deeper I found her extremely able at using reason and logic to support why she thought the censorship of films and TV programmes was acceptable, even necessary sometimes. I was intrigued, and as the years went on I learned even more.

The thing that can be hard to understand is that China is actually full to the brim of opinionated people that are more than happy to talk politics in the open. The average person knows that the government lies and controls the media and that corruption is a given. People discuss with impunity how hypocritical the regime is and how fake the notion of socialism is.

The Chinese know that the government is cynical in its foreign policy and can see the evils of Maoism and the dark days of the Cultural Revolution. No sense of conspiracies, just straight forward analyses of reality. No SJWs, no feminists, no BLM. Freedom.

China is a country that arrests rioters, distrusts feminists, laughs in the face of SJWs and cannot comprehend Western political correctness and how everything is ‘racist’. Oh, and if you say ‘I don’t like homosexuality’ you will not be arrested as a hate-filled homophobe. Ever.

Despite the fact that most people are very patriotic and generally support their leaders (understandable if you take the chaos of the passed into account), the Chinese show an impressive sense of political awareness and can readily debate you on sticky issues such as Tibet, Taiwan and corruption.

b3143c020dcc55773998ef70e7da4a77 233x300 Why Communist China is Freer Than You Think The Chinese know that America controls Japan and Korea and is steadily waging a soft war on the country, whilst the EU is an incomprehensible example of empire building and should be resisted. This is a country where the global warming myth can be aired seriously on prime time TV and statistics pointing towards ‘white genocide’ are talked about with numerical certainty. All of these things are relegated to Alex Jones status and are not taken seriously in the West.

In my experience, being in China was a breath of fresh air where I could speak freely for the first time. The Chinese mindset is simply more open to new ideas than the Western one and resists with passion when the government tries to infringe on personal liberty. As a society we have simply forgotten the passions of our intellectual youth and are now content to fill our minds with porn and American TV.

The West needs to rediscover itself and once more lust for freedom and personal liberty, just like the Chinese. For example, did you know that there is a smoking ban in China? No one is allowed to smoke indoors. If you have been then you will be forgiven for not believing me as restaurants and even police departments are filled with the smell of Zhongnanhai. You see, when the government issued its edict requiring a smoking ban to be applied to public indoor spaces, nobody took notice.

The Chinese, unless coerced with violence, do not care. Compare that with the EU where people stopped right away as soon as the ban was passed. No resistance, nothing. It was witnessing this that really hammered home to me just how freedom loving China is. When the government tried to put a stop to their personal pleasures against their will everyone simply ignored the order and carried on as normal. End of discussion.

The same goes for traffic rules, queuing, littering, trade, personal tax and a whole plethora of personal activities that governments like to control. Literally, the Chinese do not let anyone tell them what to do! This makes them bad tourists, but also extremely admirable. When I went to South Korea and took a tour of the DMZ, the tour guide recounted with much exasperation that she has had many Chinese tourists who have walked into minefield areas and used recording equipment in highly militarised spots with impunity. Despite the stupidity of such actions, this just highlights that even the wrath of North Korea cannot cow a proud Chinese into submission.

cedb3fdbe78a1297d628d4b05fce38ca 207x300 Why Communist China is Freer Than You Think As the West meekly accepts more and more erosions of personal freedoms and are quick to follow orders to the letter, the Chinese do not let anyone stop them from speaking their minds or living their lives. This has serious consequences. By accepting political correctness, any government diktat and becoming fearful of socially coercive labels such as ‘bigot’ or ‘racist’ and being sued for upsetting sensitive celebrities online, the West is effectively self-censoring itself into silence on such important issues as the migrant crisis and terrorism in Germany and Sweden.

We are drinking ourselves into a stupor whilst our house burns around us. China, on the other hand, calls a spade a spade and discusses these issues with a frankness that would terrify the liberals who control our media. The Chinese believe German rape victims, the Chinese believe Swedish whistle blowers and the Chinese believe provable statistics and evidence (whilst also showing an extremely healthy sense of scepticism when it comes to mass media).

They say that the next century will belong to China. If they continue to grow their minds like this then I hope that it will. When I see the upcoming fall of the West I am dismayed that it is not the Chinese who are on our borders poised to bring order out of chaos, instead we have the barbarians from the South already haranguing us and rebuilding what was once a freedom loving culture into something truly horrific.

We are all pillars of Western civilisation and as long as one of us still stands then at least a part of what we were will still exist. As the ceiling collapses around you stand firm, but perhaps consider buying a ticket to China…

Do you have anything to say on the matter? What are your experiences of China or other freedom loving countries? I’d love to discuss this further, so leave comments below and let’s talk.