One of the things I most often notice in today’s discourse is the usage of words and the effects it has. From the ubiquitous examples of SJWs ironically chanting words like brain dead zombies, deliberately misrepresenting dissenting opinions, or casually throwing accusations the way this guy throws peanuts, evidence abound of the terrible consequences that misused language by SJWs have on those who actually know the meaning of the words they use.

One of the most detrimental examples is the confusion of words for actions. Some examples include:

  • Trump’s pussy grabbing comment cited as “sexual violence”
  • Criticism of one’s ideas as a “violation of safety”
  • Criticism of one’s ideas as “assault” (Prominent non-leftists are guilty of this mistake as well), and though the difference between “verbal assault” and “assault” might’ve been pedantic in the past, it is vital in the age of unbelievable stupidity.
  • Claims of past political achievements, in spite of evidence proving the contrary, being believed en masse.
  • Virtue signallers believing their opinions are acts of humanitarianism
  • Virtue signallers believing opposing opinions are acts of hatred

As a child, I learned the vital difference between words and actions. Whether it was through the “Do as I say and not as I do” attitude I noticed in authority figures, claims that didn’t match reality,

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