One of the only things that has kept the United States together as one nation has been the fact that from elementary school children have been taught to conform to certain “America Principles” and to believe that America’s values are superior to the values of other nations. School children were, for generations, taught to adore and look up to men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as if they were demi-gods in the Greek pantheon. This is the process of “Americanization”. The indoctrination of young children into a governmental ideal.

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Most countries do this, but America has always had to put special emphasis on this founding myth because increasingly, there is not much else that holds all of us together. We used to all pretty much be ethnically European, with a small black population. And the fact that we were all ethnic Europeans meant that we could all be blended into one American whiteness. Irish families would send their children to public schools and in those public schools the children would be taught the American myth and the English colonial values that formed this country. After a few generations, those Irish kids would more or less lose their Irishness, except for maybe an accent and a love for Hurling, and they became American.

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What we see here is the ability and desire of our government and civic society to assert Anglo-Saxon values and American governmental values upon non-Anglo immigrants. The ability and desire to force our culture and ways upon immigrants and make them conform and make them see our way as superior. Well, for the past few decades now, that process of “Americanization” has been called into question and in many cases utterly destroyed by the Left.

In public schools, children who were born in this country, whose great, great, great grandparents were born in this country, are forced to learn Spanish. It is assimilation in reverse, whites are being forced to assimilate with the new comers. But the core of the problem here is the deconstruction of the American myth, American values, and the American claim to superiority. Suffice it to say, once you deconstruct American values and our founding myth, once you say America isn’t a great nation that should be conformed to, then you open up a Pandora’s box. Because not only are you saying this to the immigrants, you are also saying all of this to the white students in the room. You tell white students that liberal democracy is not superior and that we are a racist nation that has never tried to treat all people equally. You legitimize racial identity politics by delegitimizing liberal individualism within a liberal democracy.

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The Alt Right has been the result of white kids growing up in an education system that did not put any American values at the forefront. The Alt Right is left wing blowback. Because once you break down the American myth and the America values that held people together as one country, the natural response is tribalism. If we are not “all Americans” and Latino / black identity politics is celebrated and justified, then why can’t we have white identity politics? The only answer they are given is “because it’s racist”. Now, that response would have been compelling to a generation that grew up in the 60’s or 70’s. A generation that was brought up to believe in the American myth, but that idea is gone and now a radicalized way of seeing oneself has been justified and whites want in.

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The intention of the Left in doing all of this was to break down and delegitimize white power and control in the United States, and they succeeded. But the story of the world does not end with one victory or one defeat. There is no End of History, only temporary victories.

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