One of my favorite scenes is from the movie “Batman: the Dark Knight Rises”. I am referring to the first scene of the movie. The CIA is taking a doctor somewhere, probably to a black site, and Bane crashes their party. Bane is the villain of this movie and he being interrogated by a CIA operative on this plane.

airport Fascism or Nihilism #ALT

The dialogue plays out thusly. Bane: “It doesn’t matter who we are, all that matters is our plan.” CIA operative: “Was getting caught part of your master plan?”. Bane: “Of course.” … CIA operative: “Well congratulations, you got yourself caught, now what’s the next step of your master plan?” Bane: “Crashing this plane. With no survivors!”

02f26f5cd1680632450a1809b7bade47cacc8abdb77ab5b509ded7a971b6da06 Fascism or Nihilism #ALT

What I want to talk about in this piece, though, isn’t Batman but Western society. Especially how whites will respond to waking up to their own displacement and oppression. And I want to issue a word of warning to anti-white bigots everywhere.

We could burn this whole planet down if we wanted to.

Whites have the technical expertise to cause nuclear facilities to melt down, poison drinking water, set off nuclear wars through deception, plant bombs, assassinate people, and much more. You are currently messing with the most nihilistic, amoral generation of white people in human history. Which worked out good for you for a while but what if that anger and lack of sympathy get flipped on you?

What would we have to loose?

iran missiles 2095645a large trans NvBQzQNjv4BqqVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwTUGPAhV9tvIwxY1unl29sI Fascism or Nihilism #ALT

Whites will have learned that we have no place in our own societies and countries. That our own media, entertainment, culture, and literature are geared towards attacking us. Whites will have learned as a people and as a generation that our governments are designed to bring us pain and that politics isn’t worth participating in.

Let’s see, nihilists who are amoral and whose society and government have turned against them, yea I see some bombs being planted in our future. In other words, we whites are “crashing this plane, with no survivors!”

juan gris the anarchist plants a bomb Fascism or Nihilism #ALT

Who knows if white people will have a cohesive political alternative, we might just burn it down because we hate it. Whites may bring this entire rotten multinational, multicultural capitalist structure down on your heads because it has screwed us and taken our countries from us.

The only other avenue for whites is an organized, regimented, and racist political movement. What is called “fascism” in our modern political lexicon. Why is this the only other option?

Because if the destructive anger of whites is ever to end and a new political order is to be created, after the old one has been burned, then that new political order will have to be something that addresses the legitimate concerns of whites who fear that our society might slip back into its previous form.

In others words, it is unlikely that we would have a democracy after the destructive period, because it would be so obvious to those that have lived through this period that democracies lead to weakness, degeneracy, and mass migration. So, fascism would be the logical alternative. A well regimented society whose government’s sole purpose would be to look out for the collective interests of white people.

fascism Fascism or Nihilism #ALT

If we whites decide to burn this world, it shall be burned. You better hope that we all just become fascists and take our countries back for white people. That has an end goal and a stable political order that are both rational. Your other choice is irrational and destructive nihilism.

And we watch, as that kids song we used to sing says, “London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down, falling down. My fair lady”.

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