So I was very supportive of Trump during the primary and general election and told a lot of people to support him and I’m sorry for that. We may still get some things on immigration and the border Wall, although now that he has shown his complete subservience to the Jewish neo-cons, I doubt we will even get that.

I am essentially done with Trump because what he has done in Syria and what I am almost certain he is going to do, run completely against one of the main reasons I voted for him.

Trump’s “America First” rhetoric on foreign policy was inspiring to me. After seeing over a decade’s worth of Republicans take a neo-con approach to foreign policy. The neo-con foreign policy isn’t very complicated, it is the constant support for a US invasion of any country causing Israel any problems or any country that is supported by Russia.

The fashionable neo-con invasion a few years ago was bombing and invading Iran, John McCain even make jokes about bombing Iran.

Bomb Iran Im done with Trump #ALT

President Trump is now, in my view, a failed President. It doesn’t look like he is even going to get around to the main things that he ran his campaign on. Instead, he is going to do tax reform for some reason but his failed presidency isn’t why I have decided to stop supporting him.

I had supported Trump through thick and thin. When the whole country said that he didn’t have a chance, I said he was going to win. When everyone said he was a buffoon and a clown, I said that I saw some brilliance in him. In my room, right above my poster of the election night map, there is a icon of a saint.

That Saint is Saint Jude, the patron Saint of Lost Causes. That is how I saw my support for Trump for a while, a dream, a lost cause, who I knew was a long shot but I liked his ideas, so I supported him. It was that simple.

If Trump were following truth and justice, if he were following what is truly best for this country no matter what the cost, then I would follow him to the gates of hell.

saintjudethaddeus Im done with Trump #ALT

So here is how the next year is going to go in terms of foreign policy. There will be another “chemical attack” and the US will will use that as a justification to wage a full scale war against Syria.

Trump is no longer in control of his administration, that much is clear. So if the neo-cons are in the drivers seat, then that means we are going to war in Syria and they will find a reason. And all of this will not only mean that he will have completely betrayed his “America First” foreign policy but he will have to completely change his position on refugees.

Now that Trump has bombed Syria, the entirety of the media and establishment are going to say that he “owns it” now. In other words that he has a responsibility to those “poor children” that any decent human being would have been crying all night about and desperately searching online to find out how to take them into your home.

This politics by emotion stuff makes me want to vomit and so do the smug gloating of liberals who know that they have Trump by the balls nowGirls standing with sign welcoming migrants 70132 Im done with Trump #ALT

So, those still supporting Trump out there, have fun with Bush 2.0 and another disastrous war in the Middle East and losing the next Presidential election. I sure hope getting to kill Arabs is worth losing your country over. I sure hope you get comfortable with having the foreign policy of Hillary Clinton.