If you want any proof that feminists hate men, just look at how they react in disgust towards the phrase “Men’s Rights Activists”. Many of them deny men face discrimination and that men have all the power in society and use it to oppress women.

So what is a Men’s Rights Activist? Well if you ask a feminist, it is anyone who is against feminism. They literally use this term to describe any anti-feminist- The Amazing Atheist, Thunderf00t, Sargon of Akkad, Milo Your banana is a police, Pick Up Artists, GamerGaters; really anyone disagrees with them. You see the headlines, such as Men’s Rights Activists boycott Star Wars and Men’s Rights Activists joined the Alt-Right.

Most people who get called MRAs are not actually MRAs- they don’t identify as such, and don’t advocate for men’s issues, or at least it’s not a primary focus of theirs. But there are self-described Men’s Rights Activists. I consider myself one for instance, and we generally believe in Men’s Equality- with Anti-Feminism as just a side focus. So how did all these other guys get lumped in?

It all really started in 2012, when the SPLC but a bunch of Websites on a watchlist. Most of them were not Men’s Rights sites, but a few were lumped in such as A Voice for Men. Despite these sites being vastly different from each other in what they stand for, the Leftist SPLC placed them together to smear them.

On March 2014, when the Isla Vista Shootings occurred. The perpetrator, Elliot Rogers, was a failed pick-up-artists who wanted revenge on women for not dating him, as well as the men who did get into relationships. Elliot had zero connection to the Men’s Rights Movement and wasn’t even involved in much anti-feminism. However shortly after this event, media outlets described him as a Men’s Rights Activist. My pal, Bane666au covers this greatly in his video series “The Propoganda of Toxic Feminism” named after feminists described “Toxic Masculinity” as the reason why Elliot went on his rampage.

But the short story is that it was originally covered by a DailyKos article written by Ollie Garkie which claims Elliot Rogers was influenced by the Men’s Rights Movement. Hundreds of media outlets and thousands of feminists took this as truth and used it as an opportunity to smear Men’s Rights.
Shortly after being told his glaring mistake, Ollie Garkle wrote an update on the article for damage control.

Despite your protestations to the contrary, I cannot tell the MRAs apart from the PUAs from The Red Pillers and Incels and all the other disparate groups. And that’s your image problem for failing to make yourselves distinct from each other, not a problem with our perception.
Ollie flat out admits he Elliot Rogers is not part of the Men’s Rights Movement, but rather than owning up to his ignorance, he claims pushes the blame on Men’s Rights Activists. He is proud of being dishonest, as many feminists who use the MRA buzzword are.

It got worse in Febuary 2016 when Return of Kings leader RooshV organized meetings. Earlier Roosh had advocated for making Rape Legal and feminists mistakenly thought that was the meeting was about, so of course they wrote about how Men’s Rights Activists were trying to make rape legal. RooshV doesn’t like the Men’s Rights Movement. In fact he blatantly disavows them, and we disavow him!

Even Snopes which recognized that the meeting wasn’t about rape, called Roosh a Men’s Rights Activists which is a mistake they’ve yet to correct.
In fact, claiming that Pick Up Artists or Elliot Rogers are MRAs is so common, Bane666au made a Law about it.

banelaw Leftist Buzzwords: Mens Rights Activist
If you point out that RooshV, Aaron Clarey, Elliot Rogers, Matt Forney, ectera, never identified as an MRA, and in fact many dislike the label, the feminist will just claim that they behave like an MRA so it doesn’t matter if they label themselves as such. And if you ask exactly HOW they behave like MRAs, they just give more examples of people who aren’t. You truly can’t win with these people.

Now that Men’s Rights Activist is associated with Pick-Up-Artists and Elliot Rogers, feminists realized that they don’t just have to smear real Men’s Rights Activists, but ANY anti-feminist no matter how moderate or egalitarian. For example, they call Sargon of Akkad and Thunderf00t “Men’s Rights Activists” despite neither of them being MRAs or PUAs.

If a feminist can’t agree that someone isn’t a Men’s Rights Activist unless they actually call themselves some, they are lost to all reason and arguing with them is futile.

It’s not just the mainstream feminists who use MRA as a buzzword, but the fringe trans-exclusionary Radical Feminists, who ironically enough call the mainstream feminists “MRAs” for supporting Transgender Rights. A rather infamous example was when Gender Identity Watch listed a bunch of Feminists and called them MRAs, including Melody Hensley of “Triggered” fame. I wish I were making this up. Meanwhile the Trans-inclusive Feminists accuse MRAs of being transphobic.

Thankfully there is some hope. The Red Pill Documentary has gotten a lot of press when it was showing, ironically because of feminist efforts to ban it, and it gives a very even handed analysis of the Men’s Rights Movement. They’re not pick-up-artists or misogynists, or transphobes, or Liberal Feminists, just people who care for Men’s Equality.