This was not the topic that I originally planned to write on but, as does often happen, events have overtaken ideas. My country, it appears, may be on the brink of taking military action against the Syrian government. I don’t know how seriously to take any of this.

The US was on the brink of military action against Syria several years ago and they backed off because Russia made a deal with us over Assad’s chemical weapons. The US government said in 2014 that Syria had given up all of its chemical weapons but now we are to believe that they hid some of those chemical weapons from us so that they could use them as the war is almost over?

Why would they do that?

The Syrian war is essentially finished, Assad has control of most of the country, and it seems now it is only a matter of time until the Free Syrian Army and the terrorist groups attacking Assad will have to come to terms of peace.

So Assad has essentially won the civil war and we are supposed to believe that now he is using chemical weapons? That doesn’t make much sense to me. What does make sense is that, in a desperate move to try and get the US to intervene, the Free Syrian Army might have used chemical weapons, to then blame it on Assad.

In all things political, you always have to ask the question “cui bono?”, who benefits? Does Syria benefit from this? Does Russia? No, absolutely not. So who benefits? The Free Syrian army certainly does and the US neo-cons do as well.

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I am a Trump supporter. I voted for him two times: once in the North Carolina primary and once in the general election. But I have to say, a war in Syria was not what I thought I was voting for. President Trump campaigned as a non-interventionist, which meant no more Iraqs. No more going around the world to reshape it in our image, we only intervene when it is in our specific national interest. How is taking military action against Assad in our best interest?

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I feel terribly that those people in Syria had to die in that way but it’s not our problem. It is not the problem of the United States government or our military, period. The US military is not a humanitarian aid organization, it is a death machine that has one purpose, protect the American people. If you have a sob story, send it to the UN and maybe their little blue helmets can come and help you.

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Terrible things happen all around the world and those damn liberals seem to cry us into wars anytime they feel that the US has a “responsibility” to act. All of our wars for humanitarian reasons have been utter and complete disasters.

Our intervention in Somalia to help the starving Somalis lead to black haw down and US troops being trapped there. Our intervention in Libya to stop Quadafi from bombing his own citizens lead to massive tribal warfare and the rise of ISIS in Libya. The same with our intervention in Iraq and the same will happen if we intervene in Syria.

Mr. President, you stand where John F. Kennedy stood. Your generals are almost certainly pressuring you to attack and the media is saying you need to be “strong” on this. If you invade this country, American forces will be involved there for the next 25 years at least. Don’t do this Mr. President, this is not our fight.

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