Four teenage Somali Muslim migrants in a housing facility in Mecklenberg-Wet Pomerania “demolished” their kitchen and living quarters after their demands for Playstation consoles and more pocket-money were not meet.

The four teenagers were separated and sent to different housing facilities for “unaccompanied minor” after their violent episode forced a staff of the housing facility to take shelter at his office and locked himself while he called and waited for the police to arrive.

Housing facility Teenage Muslim Refugees Wreak Havoc at Housing for Lack of Game Consoles and Pocket Money

The migrants who are between the age of 15 to 17 have destroyed the furniture and “demolished” the kitchen of the housing facility that is funded by German taxpayers.

The migrants who had just recently arrived in Germany and stayed in the quarters for two weeks has threatened to harm the housing staffer unless he gives in to their demands of providing a game console, more pocket-money and to have them move to another housing facility in a bigger city.

When the authorities arrived, the teenagers were still in the process of trashing their quarters which forced responding authorities to place handcuffs on the youth until they settled down, according to a report by the Parchimer Zeitung.

The report also indicates that the four migrant minors will be held responsible for the damage done to the housing facility as well as attempted blackmail of the officials.

Migrants in Germany Teenage Muslim Refugees Wreak Havoc at Housing for Lack of Game Consoles and Pocket Money  Housing operator Jan Buchholz said that the violent outburst came as a surprise for him as the unaccompanied minors have only been living in the facility for two weeks.

Last year, in a report by Breitbart London, Muslim migrants burned a conference hall during Ramadan as the Muslim migrants feared that Christians would consume all the gummy bears and Nutella Choco Spread during the morning when the Muslims were fasting and leave nothing for them after their fasting period.

Source: Newsline

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  • Obdurate Verity says:

    How in the world do young men like this get to a point they want to riot over silly material items when the host country has taken them in out of the misguided goodness of their collective hearts They should be booted back to their country of birth so they can recognize how lucky they were to be in Germany.

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