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White Savior Complex

By April 22, 2017 4 Comments

There is a certain mental affliction that plagues white people of a certain social class. Upper middle class to upper class white females and males within what could be called the social elite. These are people who are heavily shielded from the reality of the world.

They spend much of their time at charity events (where they are told they can save the world), at protests (where they are told they can save the world), in universities (where they are told they can save the world), and watching liberal media (that tells them that they can save the world).

save the world1 White Savior Complex #ALT


Thus, there is a class of whites who are just rich enough and just shielded enough from reality that they think they can save the world.  Most of whom, conveniently enough, only live around white people and thus think the whole world are like white people.

The idea of the “white man’s burden” and white people’s responsibility to save the whole world isn’t new. Rudyard Kipling, the famous British poet, wrote a poem in 1899 by the name of “The White Man’s Burden”. But this instinct within Europeans goes back even further than that. This feeling of burden towards the world, of the need to save it, goes back to the introduction of Christianity to Europe.

And as soon as Europeans were able to, they carried out their world saving mission. Primarily through colonization and conversion of the native populations to Christianity.. This was the white man’s mission, to help the world through making the world like himself, Christian.

%22The White Man%27s Burden%22 Judge 1899 White Savior Complex #ALT

This white savior mindset is behind the liberal/ left wing view on immigration. The liberal view on immigration is that the worst parts of the world have to be taken into the West. This view is right in line with the “white savior” perspective on the world.

White people can save the world, we can convert people to our way of doing things, and we can feel good about ourselves for helping the poor, disadvantaged brown people of the world. It views non-whites as things to be helped, like a wounded puppy, or, at the very most, children that need to be taken care of because they can’t help themselves. That is why liberals and leftists were so shocked when the migrants started raping people and blowing things up.

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I don’t want to over state my case and I may have already done so. Liberals and Leftists also hate white people and would like to find any way to harm us that they possibly can. But there is also a naïveté behind much of the left.

A naïveté that allows them to really believe that all people are equal and that bringing in millions of savages from the Middle East and Africa won’t change the West because eventually those people will just become like us. Embedded in that idea is, ironically, an assumption of white supremacy. That given time, people who come to white lands will just become like white people because the ways of white people are superior.

picture21 White Savior Complex #ALT

This white savior complex has also been referred to, in our modern day, as pathological altruism. Pathological altruism is the desire to help people, even if it lead to your own destruction. Whatever the terminology, it is an instinct that is leading to the destruction of white people and white countries through mass immigration. White people cant save the world and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we might be able to save ourselves.


  • Politically Unreliable says:

    The group will follow itself into oblivion. There are some who see it (and will hear). This is far from over. The middle will end badly, from both sides. Only then will a natural balance temporarily return.

  • Mammals with too much food and bored of life. A failed species.
    Narcissism, pseudo-altruism, lack of resolve.
    Angela Merkel’s chief of staff stated that the result of the French elections shows that “France and Europe can jointly” keep trolling themselves to death and move forward into oblivion. Islamist leaders said that “France wisely prepares itself for the future, it may well go the Turkish way next time.”

    Europe is loudly screaming for strong, dominant religion.
    We’re primates, it’s what makes us happy – supah, God and afterlife and worship !
    We’re unable to subsist as “intelligent”, individual beings who have to bear responsibility.
    When the forward momentum is gone, passivity and masochism set in, it’s probably genetic.
    We reached our apex and are now going down.

    A third of us obviously isn’t, but the majority is. We should have bred for intelligence, used eugenics – but nah, we went for “humanism.” Weak.

    “We are the hollow men / We are the stuffed men/ Leaning together / Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! / Our dried voices, when / We whisper together Are quiet and meaningless / As wind in dry grass / Or rats’ feet over broken glass / In our dry cellar.” (T.S.Eliot)

  • Johnnnyboy says:

    When “white man’s burden” was written the Brits controlled about a third of the world’s surface, and the ocean almost entirely. Knowingly or otherwise it was a hypocrisy in that it justified British rule over the presumed to be lessor people. But the thing is it was the hypocrisy that made is sensible. Take that away and it is only self destructive, and taking yourself down does not raise anybody else up..

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