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It’s the French presidential elections and the heroine of the alt-right, Marine Le Pen, has exasperated the mass media by getting through to the final round to face off the ‘outsider’ Emmanuel Macron.

It is clear who The Establishment want to win: the BBC only refer to Madame Le Pen as ‘far-right’ and ‘controversial’ whilst Macron is patted on the head like a good little boy. We all know France’s Front National and that Le Pen has spent a lifetime in politics battling The Establishment and prejudice and hopefully readers have all witnessed her impressive speeches, not least the one where she absolutely savages the po-faced Merkel and Hollande in the EU parliament after a terrorist attack (I can’t remember which attack as there have been so many). Watch it here.

Macron, however, is a new boy and one that has not been considered in too much detail. After skim reading a selection of newspapers today the key facts made themselves clear and it is after understanding them that I straight away began to seriously doubt the integrity of Macron.

All I needed to read was:

  • Macron used to work as a Rothschild investment banker
  • He worked closely with and for Hollande
  • Macron is a lover of the EU who is supported by Juncker
  • His party En Marche! was only founded in 2016

The last point is the most suspicious. His party was founded approximately 12 months ago and now this ‘centrist’ Europhile is set to become the next president of France! How can that happen without support from those in the corridors of power? It is also telling that Juncker & co. congratulated Macron’s victory and endorsed his presidency which should anger any lover of nation state democracy, although this is now standard issue from the EU.

These simple realities are already enough to rile me and I can only hope that the French think carefully before putting their faith in such an inexperienced, establishment-loving slippery-fish such as Macron, although personally I do not perceive the French temperament to be ready enough to vote for the change that Madame Le Pen represents… yet.

I therefore decided to undertake a little research regarding Macron and found the following, although I do not have the time or expertise to find more, so I hope that others in this community could carry on this conversation and add to Macron’s profile.

I first looked to Macron’s Twitter (accessed 24/2/17) and marveled at the hypocrisy of:

macrontweet1 300x297 Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Long live the Republic! Long live France!

Although this intellectual disconnect between kowtowing to the EU and maintaining national sovereignty is something that is pretty normal.


macrontweet2 300x199 Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Tweet: The task will be immense. I ready for it, on your side.

Image: There are not many Frances: there is only one. The France of patriots in a Europe that protects. The battle starts tonight, and we will win it!

Infuriating! Proclaiming patriotism whilst selling out to foreign powers.

The tweets go on, but do not seem to mention any particularly big love of the EU. He simply goes on about how much he loves France and talks a strong, yet pretty standard talk.

So how do we know that he is in the pocket of the EU (besides the endorsements from Juncker)?

A quick Google will prove that point: Huffington Post quoted Macron as saying:

Face aux risques de la mondialisation, seule l’Europe peut nous protéger. Nous devons à nouveau oser rêver à l’Europe, c’est notre chance !

[In the face of the risks of globalisation, only Europe can protect us. We will have to dare to dream of Europe again, this is our chance!]

Or in other words: we are going to put all of our faith into the EU and ignore how doing so directly contradicts my other quotes regarding how important a free republic and national freedoms are. Oh, and last time I checked, being swallowed by the EU is globalisation!

There is no point in lingering on this disconnect from reality (read: lies) as it is a pretty standard occurrence and I am not surprised in the slightest. What I am more concerned about, though, is Macron’s connections with the Rothschilds. Call me cynical, but when a politician has had dealings with the Rothschilds, bad things seem to follow. This is the area that could be expanded on further by others, but the point is that Macron worked with the Rothschild Bank and became good at globalist economics. Take a look at this article for a good overview.

Could this simply bring personal interests into play when making policy, or did Macron get some kind of special backing from the organisation? I have no theories on this issue, simply questions and doubts, but one thing that has stuck is the fact that Marine Le Pen has had serious issues with funding and loans for her party politics and Macron seems to have not.

The situation needs to be elaborated and clarified with in-depth research, I am simply posing some questions for the reader to consider, especially as the mainstream media will inevitably refuse to bring Macron’s background into close account whilst being happy to brand Madame Le Pen as the Devil incarnate.

Personally, I think that Macron will get into power as I see the French as being too scared to vote for change and by opting for Macron, the ‘outsider’, the average voter will feel that they have achieved enough. However, I really do hope for real change to happen that is shaped by a patriotic, passionate and experienced person, and Madame Le Pen seem the only one who fits this bill at present. However, if she does turn out to be a genuine racist/Nazi/Holocaust denier/lover of violence then I’m voting Macron.

Help to build up a profile of Macron! Let us understand who The Establishment is backing and how they are doing it.



Leo Smith is a UK based explorer of the alternative media who just wants to take part in the great debates of our time.

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