I know it’s a long shot and I know that more than likely the polls will end up being right and that Le Pen will lose, but I think there is a reasonable chance that Le Pen will win the French election on Sunday. I will probably end up looking foolish here but I recently read an article that made me think that she has a chance.

The article talked about how the voters who had previously voted for the Communist candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, have been saying that they aren’t going to vote for either Le Pen or Macron. Mélenchon didn’t make it to the second round of voting and they see Macron as being far too moderate and capitalist.

We heard a lot of this in the United States from Bernie Sanders supporters after he wasn’t nominated by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton was, but no one took what they said seriously. No one took the Bernie people seriously, that is, until election night when Hillary lost Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, all states that Bernie won.

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We are in a new era of politics in which politicians who seem fake and manufactured simply don’t get votes from people who take politics seriously. That is why the Mélenchon supporters are not going to show up and vote for Macron, they are going to stay at home.

Macron is the candidate from Madison Avenue. He was basically created in a test tube. While not having hard evidence of him being a cyborg, almost every of aspect of him appears to have been created by committee.

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Before running for President, Macron tested a variety of slogans out on French focus groups. The focus groups told him which ones they liked the most and he is now running on those slogans. Macron, a one time Rothschild banker, was crafted by the elite and put into this race for the sole purpose of stopping Marine Le Pen.

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And he may well succeed, advertising and focus group tested slogans can be very attractive and convincing for a lot of people. Along with the fact that he has the entire media shilling for him, that might be enough to carry him over the line. But even if he wins, this election will have told us a lot.

This election will have told us and shown us, if Macron wins, that the elite see Nationalism as a real threat, that they are having to expend more and more energy and resources to prevent Nationalist candidates from succeeding, and that they still have significant sway over the minds of white, Western people.

I do not view Le Pen, as many have viewed Trump, as my the savior of Europe or the savior of France. Neither France nor Europe will be saved by democratic politics. Europe, if it is to be saved from utter destruction, will be saved by revolution, by a complete upheaval of the current political system. Mass violence and terror will be necessary to build a new Europe, one is not under Muslim occupation, one that is controlled by white Europeans for the interest of white Europeans. I take no joy in this, I only take seriously the record of history.

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Marine Le Pen is not a fascist, nor is she even an ethno-nationalist, but I do support her and the National Front. Why? Because she is shifting the window of acceptable discussion about immigration. She has argued for a complete shutdown of all immigration to France, the policy Ann Coulter wants for America, and if she implements that policy then she will be the greatest French patriot since Napoleon. Win, lose, or draw, I am happy to have supported Marine Le Pen.