Terror Attacks: #PrayForHamburg Next?

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Our hearts go out to the victims of last nights senseless terror attack against the innocent citizens of Hamburg, Germany. I have already changed my twitter photo to the German flag and I have been crying with my Muslim friends, who are the true victims of these Islamic terror attacks. And, oh wait, it wasn’t Germany? France then, it must be France, they are always a solid choice. Whenever a terrorist attacked happens the French flag is always a reliable standby. No? Not France? Well who then? Great Britain? Really? Damn Brexit.

ncc france Terror Attacks: #PrayForHamburg Next? #ALT

Alright that was fun but I have to break character now. If I were more active on social media I would be trolling the insincere “pray for” posters. Let’s “pray for Hogwarts”, they had a pretty serious terrorist attack a while back. Or how about “pray for Saint Petersburg”, I hear their royal family ran into some trouble about a hundred years ago. It will do you just as much good to pray for the fictional school of Hogwarts or the long dead Romanov family as it is to pray for Manchester right now. Unless, that is, your prayers include the request of “please Lord, keep these Muslim savages out of my country” and the Lord happens to be a terrible Islamophobe like myself.

potter harry y las reliquias de la muerte hd fondos pantalla 190719 Terror Attacks: #PrayForHamburg Next? #ALT

It is clear that we are not a society that is ready to be serious about Islam or the demographic revolution in the West, so why not joke about it. Much of the Western media, and especially the liberal media, has spent its time talking about how “they will not divide us” and how we will stand united and all of that childish, vapid nonsense. We are looking at a West that will have no Western characteristics in fifteen to twenty years, zero. Especially in Europe, you will have a population with no shared characteristics with Westerns, that is, white Europeans. In other words, we are talking about the utter destruction of the West but the current reaction of our media and political elite are that we should all come together and this will just fix it’s self.

 Terror Attacks: #PrayForHamburg Next? #ALT

I am glad that these people weren’t my science partners in school because during the water and oil experiment they would have been yelling “why don’t they just mix and come together.” And after the teacher informed them that water and oil don’t mix, they would yell at the teacher and call him a “racist”.

water oil Terror Attacks: #PrayForHamburg Next? #ALT

We are asked to pretend like this is normal. That it is normal that we will have terrorist attacks that kill ten or twenty or fifty of our people every so often. Sadiq Khan, the Muslim invader who was made mayor of Britain, said it was “part and parcel of living in a big city” that you have to be prepared for terrorist attacks. Emanuel Macron, the new President of France, is quoted as saying that terrorism is just “part of our daily lives for the years to come.” Oh yea that’s perfectly normal isn’t it, that definitely isn’t the mentality of a battered wife at all. “Well, I get up every morning and he hits me till my face is black and blue but you know, it’s just part of life isn’t it.” That is how Europe sounds right now, since when are we alright with Europe being the battered wife of Islam.

maxresdefault Terror Attacks: #PrayForHamburg Next? #ALT

So pray for Hamburg everyone, because I’m sure that the terrorists will get around to it. And while we’re on religion, the people of Europe should consider the phrase that was said by Americans when they entered the Second World War, “praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition.”

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