The Return of the Patriarchy

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Sex change surgery 300x171 The Return of the Patriarchy  I have become increasingly convinced that the seemingly incoherent support that leftists, feminists, LGBT activists and all kinds of SJWs, but specially women voice towards unbridled Muslim immigration is a subconscious craving for the traditional values that Western societies have abandoned.

It’s a sort of disproportionate reaction to the vacuum left by the previous generation in its rejection of the norms upon which western civilization was built; a violent pendulum swing away from the moral relativism, nihilism, cultural Marxism that they have been brought up on.

Many, if not most, of these extreme leftist ideologues display a wide variety of mental disorders and are not adjusted to live in a normal society. And the truth is society is no longer ‘normal’, meaning, ‘natural’.

All sorts of degeneracy, deviant behavior and even clear mental illness are now embraced as part of an ever increasing list of things that should be accepted, and endorsed, and adopted by society at large. There is no place in our society for shame of any vice, or repression of any sin. But the truth is they want to be repressed.

Their, seemingly contradictory, support of the mass importation of Islam into Western societies is not a coincidence – it is a mentally warped cry for help, a cry for the patriarchal rules that their parents and schools taught them were so detrimental and should be shunned, and that they now must seek in a foreign, extreme ideology because they can’t really find it at home anymore.

Our society’s institutions have failed them; they are empty shells of people with no ethical guidance – and they are incapable of seeking their own religious heritage due to the egalitarian garbage they have been fed, the license that welfarism has afforded them and the open sponsoring of this ideology by pretty much every institution, public and private.

By inviting a culture that will forcefully conquer them, physically and spiritually, and impose on them strict moral guidelines, they are relieving themselves of the guilt and shame that they have of their own deviancy, their own moral black hole.

Islamic Germany 300x225 The Return of the Patriarchy Islamic Germany They have nothing else to rebel against as the moral relativism is now the mainstream in our societies, so not even rebellion is a good enough placebo for their sadness and solitude. By embracing Islam (which is in fact what they are doing) they have found a way of rejecting the emptiness of progressivism without having to admit it.

The hatred of white men and of the culture that was led and built by white men, is a reaction against this modern Western culture (epitomized by politicians and ideologues across generations – most of them, white men) that has promised endless fulfillment by rejecting every established norm, and has delivered nothing but depression, confusion, alienation and fear.

The truth is the men in the West, the men that were in charge and the men that stood and watched, have allowed this to happen. They have allowed this vacuum to become the norm, and by doing so, they have triggered the primordial cravings of human beings, in particular of women, to be led by men. The men in the West have forgotten that the Patriarchy is an innovative idea in the historical sense, and have allowed the primitive credos of matriarchal societies to take over in its stead.

But there is a reason why matriarchal societies have been taken over in the past by stronger, patriarchal cultures, who essentially erased pretty much any trace of these previous, inferior societies. And this will happen once again, either by traditional Western civilization or by a foreign patriarchal power.

Modern Western men have lost the belief in their own superiority. This is extremely evident in campaigns led by the far left such as the men holding hands against homophobia or the wearing of women’s clothes to protest rape culture; it is evident in the leftist endorsement of trangenderism and the normalization of any sexually deviant behavior.

But it is even more evident in the apathy of normal heterosexual men who do not necessarily subscribe to the extremism of progressive ideology, to the incredible pervasiveness throughout society of the degeneracy they promote. Normal men shrug their shoulders, and not even in private voice any concern about what has been taking place for decades. Most of them don’t even care or seem to notice this worrisome trend.

So the women have lost the anchor that once kept them from going astray, and are taking the lead in the replacement of the failed social experiment of progressivism by violent, backwards religious extremism.

And this is why I believe that when the backlash of the right really begins to take hold in Western societies, as I think it will, and when the forceful ‘conversion’ of these extreme leftists, and in particular of women, to traditional western values begins, most of them will be glad, particularly the women.

They will be subconsciously relieved and eventually will come to agree that they were under a mysterious haze of leftist sophistry, a spell that had consumed them for years and now is gone, as they are offered what they never had: absolute morality, hierarchy and order.

As Nelson Rodrigues, the infamous Brazilian reactionary playwright once wrote, ‘Not all women like to be spanked. Only the normal ones‘. And this ‘normalization’, the much maligned patriarchy, is bound to come back. The only question is whether it will be ours or theirs.

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