It seemed to me, towards the end of 2016, that there was a political revolution on the brink of erupting in the Western world, I was wrong. I was wrong about many of my predictions and my understanding of the political situation within the Western world.

I was wrong when I called 2016 “Globalism’s last year”, it clearly was not. It was my view,at the time, that populism was going to sweep through Europe, it has not and will not. 2017 has, in fact, been the year of a triumphant Globalism in Europe.

Wilders lost in the Netherlands, the right wing Freedom party lost in Austria, and now Le Pen has lost in France. Although, I don’t know if the Globalists should celebrate quite yet. They have won the battle and they will more than likely win the next few battles, but they may indeed lose the war.

10 The revolution that wasnt #ALT

The Globalists have succeeded in blocking moderate, Democratic, nationalists and nationalism. But I think it would be delusional to believe that nationalism it’s self has been vanquished.

The Globalists have made certain that when Nationalism reemerges, it will take the form of racial nationalism, ethno-nationalism, and, more than likely, political fascism or dictatorship. In other words, they will have traded race blind civil nationalism for explicitly racial, ethno-nationalism.

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This will come about, in part, because of the actions of the Globalists themselves. Now that it appears that Globalism is fully in the driver’s seat in Europe, they are going to step on the gas peddle and hard.

My guess is that the Globalists leaders in France, Austria, Germany (assuming Merkel wins re-election), and Great Britain will open the floor gates yet again to African and Middle Eastern migrants, just like they did during the “migrant crisis”.

There will be yet another “humanitarian crisis” that will require Europeans to take in another 5 to 10 million African and Middle Easterner migrants.

Europe Migrant Crisis 640x480 The revolution that wasnt #ALT

At the same time, these Globalists will also slash economic protectionist policies and rights for non-Globalist labor unions. This will make native European labor essentially worthless.

The Globalists will have their cheap labor force, a voting majority of foreign migrants who they believe will always block vote in favor of the Globalists (like how Latinos block vote for Democrats), and will have made the pesky native white population of Europe politically and economically irrelevant. Leaving only the Globalists leaders to rule over all. This is absurd hubris on their part, but what do they care? If it fails, they can always just run to Israel.

These are dark days for Europe. Europe will fall, it is now only a question of if it will rise again. It may not, but consider me out of the prediction business. I do predict the rise of ethno-nationalism within those communities already predisposed to nationalist thinking but I have no idea how successful it will be as a political movement.

What is clear is that civic nationalist, populism is dead because how can one be a civic nationalist when most of the people in your country do not give a damn about your country or its ideals. For a Muslim, the Caliphate is his country, France is just a white European construct that is waiting to be toppled.

 The revolution that wasnt #ALT

At this moment, Europe is a dead forest and I say, let it burn.

Let Paris burn,

let Berlin burn.

Let the liberal elite, who have brought these migrants in, suffer.

Let evolution kill off all those liberals who want to be friends with savages. Let it burn, because only by letting the rotting, dead weight of liberal Europe burn, can new life begin to grow.