VIDEO: Is Merkel reviving Communist East Germany?

By May 24, 2017 No Comments

Did you know Anglea Merkel grew up in Communist East Germany?

This show started with looking at the new internet censorship law Germany past, is Merkel trying to drive out the major platforms to cover up migrant crimes and crush political dissent? But then it goes further with the number of ex-Stasi agents, East Germany’s feared Communist secret police, who are working with Merkals government- including one who has been lobbying for the EU to change its migration policy to turn the continent “non-White” (remember the leaked Podesta email which was an email briefing that said one of the major groups supporting mass Muslim migration were the “relics of the GDR dictatorship”).

I also look at why collectivist governments have to by nature to be cohesive, including going into why Communist East Germany had to build ‘The Berlin Wall’ to stop its citizens crossing the open boarder to West Berlin and freedom- something if allowed to continue would have collapsed the Communist state.

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