Why The West Needs Christianity

The West needs Christianity.

And you don’t have to be a snake-handling Methodist from Appalachia to agree with me—even Richard Dawkin’s fedora-wearing acolytes should get on board.

Why?  Because it’s true.

The West was better off before it shed its Christian character.

History’s taught us that it’s simply impossible to have a functioning and robust society, that stands the test of time, without a strong religious infrastructure.

Religion is a bedrock.  It’s a stabilizing force.  It’s conservative.  As the moral and epistemological absolutes of religion erode, the door opens for countless thousands of other competing religions and ideologies—some incredibly violent and hostile—to enter.

This competition fractures society, gravely: division replaces unity.

This is happening right now, just look at the divisive politics that have led to riots in Berkeley or Ferguson.  Yet it’s nothing new.

The decline of American Christianity began with the boomer generation.  Early examples of this religious estrangement could be seen in the hippie movement and Woodstock, but the cracks run much deeper: multiculturalism and mass immigration itself is predicated upon the rejection of America’s Christian identity, in favor of cultural and religious pluralism.

A broader look at history shows just how fragile irreligious societies truly are.

For example, ancient Athens lasted mere decades after its leading citizens abandoned their conservative reverence for the gods—society became so hubristic and divided that it couldn’t function properly.  This contributed to their defeat in the Peloponnesian War.

Compare this to Athens’ adversary, Sparta: their religious conservatism helped them to remain one of Greece’s leading city states for 700 years.  And most importantly, when their society ended, its destruction came from without, not within.

The same is true of ancient Rome: the Republic collapsed once the senatorial class abandoned their religion for unbridled hedonism.  The same thing eventually happened to the pagan empire, which began to collapse as more and more foreigners settled in Roman territory.

Emperor Constantine revitalized the Empire in the east by adopting Christianity as the state’s new religion, but it was too late for the West.  Still, the Eastern Roman Empire, later known as the Byzantines, continue on until 1453.  And again, the Byzantines did not collapse internally, they were defeated by the Latin Crusaders, and later the Ottoman Turks.

More recently, we can look at the secular decline of Sweden vs the religious revival of Poland.

Now, I’m not saying that these societies crumbled because of some kind of divine punishment; my argument is that when absolute truth is abandoned for relativism, society collapses due to the proliferation of different (and exclusive) ideologies, hedonism, corruption, and treasonous factions.

Likewise, this void can’t simply be filled by “rationality”, because it digresses infinitely into a battle over “whose rationality?”

Religion provides the moral & epistemological absolutism that human society needs to flourish.

That’s why all human societies, in all regions of the world, evolved some form of religion—religious societies always out-competed atheistic, secular societies.

Let me ask you this: can you point me to a single example, in all of history, of a successful atheistic society?  How about one that’s lasted more than a century?  You can’t.  They don’t exist—and they never will.

Why?  It’s because they’re inherently more fragile than religious societies.  They don’t survive the test of time.

Part of this is because humans are biological predisposed to believe in something unconditionally: there is literally a “God gene”, so to speak.  If religion doesn’t fill this heuristical niche, something else will.

That’s why contemporary atheists tend to gravitate towards irrational beliefs in environmentalism, social justice, veganism, communism, libertarianism, utilitarianism, liberalism—any and all “isms” you can think of are replete with atheists searching for a God-substitute.

And in all honesty, almost all are objectively worse for society that Christianity.

Can you imagine what would happen to the US if only atheists were left?

First of all, the birth rate would drop significantly, hastening the decline of said atheist society, and burdening it with incredibly top-heavy demographics.  Either that, or it would require mass immigration to sustain itself, irrevocably changing the nation’s demographics—kind of like what’s happened to the West since Christianity declined (along with the birth rate).

Funny coincidence, that.

Second, American society would be ungovernable in the long run, since there’s no absolutes holding the people together.  It would degenerate into civil strife very quickly—the whole country would look like Berkeley.  Either that, or it would need an authoritarian state to impose a uniform ideology to bind people (like the USSR).

Here’s the thing: you can’t have a rational discussion with someone unless you both accept a mutual starting point (ie. syllogistic deductions can only persuade someone if they share your initial premise).

In a uniform religious society that premise always exists, because everyone accepts the existence of moral & epistemological absolutes.

In an atheistic society, not so much.  It’s why atheists are overwhelmingly represented at the furthest fringes of society (from the regressive left to anarcho-libertarians).

All that division makes it hard to prosper, and it’s the main reason atheistic societies don’t last.

If America wants to survive the test of time, we’ll need to re-embrace the values that made us strong—Christian values.

Spencer P Morrison

Spencer P Morrison

JD candidate, writer, and independent intellectual with a focus on applied philosophy, empirical history, and practical economics. Author of "America Betrayed", Associate Editor for the American Revenant, and Editor-In-Chief of the National Economics Editorial.


  • Steve says:

    Great article and I wholeheartedly agree with the general diagnosis of the west. I don’t subscribe to any religion. And while I don’t consider myself an atheist, I can’t make myself believe in something I’ve decided isn’t true. So I don’t see Christianity having a revival. I guess there would need to be some replacement that has similar socially conservative ideas and tenants.

    This is where I get stuck. And I can’t imagine a realistic way forward.

    Any ideas anyone?

    • I honestly don’t think anything can fill religion’s role aside from religion.

      The problem is that when we create an ideology that fulfills a similar purpose—even if the ideology was flawless—the problem is that it’s not grounded in an epistemic absolute. People will always create something that competes with it, whether out of greed or they see a flaw with it.

      Basically, if man creates it, man can destroy it.

      That’s why the idea of God is so important: it transcends man & human rationality. God’s greater than man, and therefore provides the epistemic stopping-point.

      Absolute truth, whether intellectual or moral, is predicated upon there being an objective standard—that’s God. Logic is a predicate of God: the two are inseparable.

      What I’m saying is that I don’t think anything can take the place of religion—at least no one thing, and therein lies the problem. It has to be one thing.

      With that in mind, I think it’s best that we agree to accept Christianity’s historic role as said epistemic backstop & organizing principle, and for those who don’t believe, they just have to deal with it: no one likes to take their medicine, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for you.

      • john horseman says:

        And yet it is man who has created god and ergo will destroy god.

      • Claire_Khaw says:

        But Christianity has been tried, and has now failed. We know Christianity has failed because it has failed to protect Christians from the scourge of feminism.

      • SUPER REBEL says:

        Hi Spencer, As European people, meaning racially from Europe regardless of continent lived on, Churchianity is not our native religion. Churchianity was imposed on Europe by corrupt roman politicians and tyrants like that dick Charlemagne. And with it Churchianity brought all the uptight emotional sicknesses and puritanism that all these inferior abrahamic religions seem to have.
        I say that churchianity is as much an alien religion to us europeans as Islam is. It is time for us to overthrow the abrahamic yoke and go back to our native pagan religions! HAIL ZEUS! DOWN WITH THE ABRAHAMIC GOD!

      • SUPER REBEL says:

        Woh Spencer! you did not need to write a book to reply to me. For those are just reading our comments Spencer sent be a VERY LONG REPLY that is not showing up in the comment section for some reason. All your historical points are absolutely correct and I would have agreed with you on them before the post but I was SUMMARIZING so i would not have to write a book. The point is that Churchianity is a middle eastern import to Europe and that Paganism, wether with the greek-roman, norse, or celtic gods, is the original religion of Europe. Churchianity did to Europe back then what Islam is doing to Europe today. You got lost in too much detail Spencer I hacked the large historical picture to make a point without having to resort to writing a book.

        That all being cleared up it is about time for us whites/european/caucasians to dump all uptight, puritanical, abrahamic religions. The great thing about Paganism is that it does not come with all these puritanical and sexually uptight hangups that the abrahamic religions have. Pagans (modern) also know that their gods are mythological. That is the point. Modern paganism/witchcraft is more of a mystical pursuit thing than a brainwashing cult like Churchianity. You conservatives wish we would all go back to the church but you completely avoid realizing that your churchianity is as bad and oppressive as Islam. DONT YOU GET IT?? YOU CHRISTIANS ARE THE BAD GUYS JUST AS MUCH AS ISLAM IS. You christians imposed your religion by the sword as much as Islam did. You both are repressive. The only reason that churchianity today is less repressive than Islam today is that it has had to compromize with non christians (enlightenment/science etc.) and is older than Islam and more into its dotage. In my own country, America. Churchianity is way out of control in the form of christian fundamentalism where christians believe the world is only 6000 years old and want to force the rest of us to believe that too. That is just one example among many that can be given of how you christians are oppressive like the muslims and don’t even realize it. DON’T YOU CHRISTIANS GET IT??? YOU ARE A TYRANNICAL RELIGION LIKE ISLAM AND YOU ARE BEING REBELLED AGAINST. Hey Christian, do you want to know who your god is. Your god used to be Yahweh, a Hebrew(pagan) war god who was married to the goddess Asherah. Yahweh then went mad. Killing his beautiful goddess of a wife and killing her followers, destroying their temples on the high places. He then got into mutilating the genitals of little boys. This is the truth of your sick god christian. If he actually existed outside of the mythological realm he would have to be overthrown! GIVE ME MY OLD GODS BACK ANY DAY RATHER THAN THESE OPPRESSIVE ABRAHAMIC EMOTIONALLY SICK RELIGIONS! TO YOUR OWN HELL WITH YOUR RELIGION CHRISTIAN!

        Enough Said! have a nice day!
        Your friendly neighborhood Super Rebel

    • Claire_Khaw says:

      Christianity is kaput. We know this because Catholic Ireland fell to gay marriage.

      • SUPER REBEL says:

        I agree that churchianity is kaput but your fascism has failed as well. You guys lost for Germany, Italy, and Japan. YOU ARE LOSERS! That is the historical record! And as a hetro european male I do not find gay marriage to be such a threat that I would look at my country (USA) as fallen just for letting gays legally marry. Your attitude is the puritanical attitude of the failed and non-european abrahamic religions that causes so much problems in the first place. I say it is time to do away with ALL these puritanical middle eastern abrahamic religions and go back to our pagan roots. HAIL ZEUS!

  • Claire_Khaw says:

    Both the Koran and the Bible promote the same patriarchal moral values. Judaism and Islam are more effective than Christianity, clearly, since Christians are below Jews and Muslims in status in their own land.

  • Claire_Khaw says:

    Judaism – Thesis

    Christianity – Antithesis

    Islam – Synthesis

    Islam is Monotheism Mark III, the latest model.

  • SUPER REBEL says:

    The West needs to dump it’s 2000 year old takeover by oppressive middle eastern religions like Islam and Judeo-Churchianity and go back to its pagan roots!!!!!

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