From all of the media reports and exit polling it appears that current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the Globalist, former Rothschild banker, will gain a large majority in the French parliament, or rather that his “party” which was and is a conduit for Globalists and Neo-Liberals to gain power, much like Mr. Macron himself.

Emmanuel Macron France: Globalisms Pawn #ALT

I once suggested that Macron was a robot, but I think the more apt analogy is that he is a Manchurian Candidate.  A vacuous, emptied out man who can be filled with whatever ideas or desires that those who control him wish to fill him with.  And those controlling interests, in this case, are the Globalists who appear to now have full control over France.

macron 0 France: Globalisms Pawn #ALT

The next five years should be incredibly instructive.  For the first time in recent European history and perhaps in the entire history of Europe, a Globalist party will be firmly in the driver’s seat of a European country.  Not just a party that has been co-opted by Globalist or seized by them but a party that was created out of whole cloth by Globalists themselves.  En Marche, the party of Macron, may as well be called the Globalist Party.  This party advocates for Globalism and the dissolution of the nation state without the fig leaf of standard, ordinary politics.

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So the Globalists own the next five years of France.  It is theirs and only theirs.  So, when they open the flood gates to let in millions upon millions of Africans and Middle Easterners;  when the mass wave of rapes and child molestations take place against white women and child in France, as they did in Germany during the migrant crisis;  when another mass wave of terror sweeps through France, because they are finally giving ISIS fighters a safe haven to flee to;  when Hell on Earth comes to France, all of France, then we will see how much people are willing to pay for the privilege of virtue signaling and moral self-righteousness.  How many mutilated bodies is that worth to them?  How many children are they willing to allow to be raped to continue to feel superior?  I want a number.  Is it a five thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, a million?  How much human suffering is your ability to feel self righteous worth?

The+comic+was+sjw+virtue+signaling+let+me+tell+ c20bff211c84b67720f82154705c607b France: Globalisms Pawn #ALT

Virtue signaling is a drug and the Globalist elite and their followers are drug addicts.  So there is no ceiling on how many human lives they are willing to throw away.

It is time for, to use one of the Left’s favorite words, “experimentation”.  The “experiment” of communism, the “experiment” of socialism in Cuba, the “experiment” of Mao’s China, and now, the “experiment” of a truly globalized country that has no culture of its own, where whites are an extreme minority, and where all are expected to sing kumbaya and “give the world a coke”.

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This victory for Macron is one in which the Globalists have won the battle but lost the war.  The one chance they had of avoiding the complete radicalization of the right was by electing someone like Le Pen, who was a civic nationalist.  From now on, the authentic right is going to be advocating for ethno-nationalism and white tribalism.  By the Globalists pushing their hand and cranking the mass human wave of migrants up to a ten, they have destroyed or are about to destroy any and all allegiances that is whites have to their own systems of government, to their own democracies and institutions.  If those structures have turned against them and their interests completely, then why keep them up?

Europe is dead, long live Europe

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