Progressives Do Not Truly Care For Diversity – Nationalists Do

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‘Diversity is our strength’ – Every single progressive.

Progressives pride themselves in pursuing diversity and cultural enrichment, and submit en masse to the rallying cry of forced mass migration upon nation states in the name of diversity. However, if we mentally construct the perfect progressive utopia, it is in fact the least diverse society possible

Let us imagine for a moment that mass Islamic immigration unto European countries does not lead to unassimilated communities that live against each other, rather than harmoniously side by side. Let us imagine that the adoption of globalist world government policies don’t lead to totalitarian dictatorship, but a global form of democracy where everyone lives together in a tolerant, progressive, democratic society  Now that we have sufficiently submersed ourselves in doublethink, the next steps should be fairly easy.

Progressive left wing politics, or cultural Marxism, focuses mainly on society as a collective, as opposed to individuals. However, rather looking through the lens of the proletariat versus the bourgeoisie, cultural Marxists see things in terms of oppressor versus oppressed, with the goal of empowering the oppressed as a group. Women are oppressed by men, therefore we need feminism they say. Ethnic minorities are oppressed by white Europeans; therefore double standards towards minorities are necessary.

As a result, what has become colloquially known as the oppression Olympics is commonplace in progressive politics today. A fine example was the recent disruption of a pride march in Toronto by Black lives Matter, as they believed that their cause to protest police violence was more valid. In other words, they believe they are a more oppressed group, thus their points should be given more emphasis.

Since modern progressive politics is based around identity politics of oppression, our made up society will be of a collectivist nature, with an emphasis on constantly emancipating the most oppressed group.

(Once again, doublethink must be engaged to overcome the fact that this leads to tremendous levels of infighting over who is the most oppressed)


Aspects of high culture such as the opera, classical music, traditional artwork and theater represent the privileged western elites; the bourgeoisie of this society, so we need to inject them with the syringe of multiculturalism. Firstly we can start with classical art.

Let’s throw out appreciation for items such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa since these contain too many white faces which don’t reflect the glorious diversity of our newly founded global society.

The same goes for music, since the orchestral modulations from A minor to A major within Beethoven’s 7th symphony take emphasis away from the enriching experience of Tuvan throat singing.  However, if this somehow becomes over represented in our society, or if another group find’s throat singing offensive, the culture and identity of Tuva must also be purged to make way for the cultural enrichment of an even lesser known minority.

We can slowly allow this process to work its magic, as each time one minority is emancipated, another takes it place, and more restrictions are placed on the people of the world to stop offense from being caused to anyone else.

This brings up a rather large problem. There will always be something to offend someone, and there will always be a cultural minority requiring emancipation. Therefore, for the process to completely work, all cultural difference must be eradicated. There can no longer be an oppressed minority, if culturally, everyone is the same. However, as any good progressive knows, racial identity is also something which causes one to be oppressed, so this too must be removed….

diversity 300x165 Progressives Do Not Truly Care For Diversity   Nationalists Do


Since this is progressive paradise, it is given that whiteness is bad. White people have colonised and oppressed other nations for too long so as an identity it needs to go. Also, since this is a multicultural society, a significant proportion will be non white. After generations, of whites breeding with non whites and vice versa, our perfect multiracial society with be no longer be distinguishable by race. There will no longer be any true people of Asian descent, or people of African descent, or white descent. The vast majority of society will have adopted a genetic makeup of mixed descent, making everyone almost indistinguishable by race. By our own progressive definition, this is a huge success. If everyone is completely racially indistinguishable, there is no reason people for people to be oppressed on the basis of race.


So let us examine our society. Culturally everyone appreciates the same art, the same music and the same cultural activities. Racially, everyone is of different backgrounds, but so much cross pollination has taken place no one person is racially distinguishable from another person.

For the purpose of our thought experiment, you, dear reader have created the perfect progressive paradise. However, if you are also sane, you will aptly realise that this is not a multicultural utopia, but a dystopian hell hole, free from all cultural aspects which make different types of people, interesting, diverse, creative and ultimately unique.

If you want to truly embrace what makes every culture truly unique, you must embrace nationalism. Nationalists appreciate what make their own culture great, and wish above all else to preserve their own culture. European nationalists wish to see the uniqueness of European nations preserved, as the natural diversity of Europe, from the renaissance Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City to the expressionist Hallgrimskirkja of Reykjavik is something to admire.

Hallgrimskirkja 300x200 Progressives Do Not Truly Care For Diversity   Nationalists Do

It would be absurd to suggest that Seoul, the capital of Korea, should reject Korean culture for multiculturalism, and that cultural and ethnic Koreans should no longer be the majority in their capital city. One would not suggest that cultural and ethnic Indians should no longer be the majority in New Delhi, and that the people of the India should reject their own culture. However, this is what is happening in the west.

seoul 300x200 Progressives Do Not Truly Care For Diversity   Nationalists Do

In my own country, The United Kingdom, White Britons now make up less than half of the population of London, and 37% of London’s population are foreign born. I am not advocating that Britain be kept white; I myself am ethnically half Asian, and strongly support assimilation of immigrants into their new nation, after all what would have been the point of my family coming to this country, only for it to lose its entire cultural heritage.

However, one cannot run away from the point that it is impossible to assimilate those from non western countries when they are arriving at the unprecedented rate of today. If you take a quick stroll across certain districts in cities such as London and Birmingham, you quickly realize that whilst the some inhabitants may have been born in Britain, they do not live culturally British lifestyles, and will unfortunately not have the privilege of experiencing the greatness of British culture.

Overall, progressive politics destroys diversity. For the ideals of cultural Marxism to work, all difference must be eradicated for society. In practice, rather than creating a multicultural utopia, the progressive cult of enrichment only destroys western culture, and will eventually destroy all. I would not be surprised if within a few years time, the homepages of cosmopolitan of salon are filled with articles about ‘Asian privilege’ or ‘Toxic Japanese culture’, rather than articles about ‘white privilege’ and ‘toxic masculinity.’



  • Gilgaearel Baen says:

    Excellent and very well written article.

    • Jake Fieret says:

      Thank you very much.

      • Gilgaearel Baen says:

        I was watching the other day on youtube two series of documentaries about coloured films and photographs that were shot during the early years of 20th century.

        These series of documentaries are called, in case you want to watch them, “Edwardians in Colour” and “Thirties in Colour”.

        The thing that impressed me most on these, actually, presentations of films and photographs of that eras, was the variety of differences that existed among people, from different countries from all over the world, the difference between their cultures and life styles and costumes etc which the film makers or photographers were able to witness and record back then. Cultures that were not only completely different from country to country but even from place to place into the same country, something that it seems impossible to find nowadays.

        That kind of true mufticulturalism existed because all these different cultural groups, from different counties and different tribes and different ethnic groups, with different traditions and customs, ( and food and clothes and houses and ways of making a living) were not mixed with other groups, partly because transportation wasn’t that easy back then and partly because each and every ethnic or tribal group preferred to stay in its own place and associate with its own ethnic, tribe, cultural or other group. It was not considered wrong on doing this. It was the only way to retain and preserve their life styles, by not mixing them with other life styles.

        Tourism, mixed multiculturalism ( which is how multiculturalism is meant nowadays) and globalism destroyed all these differences between national, ethnic and tribal groups.

        Now this is pushed on whole continents. If that happens the result will be a single pulp kind civilization made by a mix and match of people with not distinct cultural characteristics, ( except their skin colour and their gender -the two congenital characteristics that is now attempted to be eliminated too), with NO national or cultural identity, NO history, NO memory and so NO reason to claim, preserve or care for something.
        And I’m sure that you all know how easy it is to control pulp, to cast it according your needs, to shape it the way you like.
        And that is the aim of globalism you know…

        P.S English is not my first language so I apologize in advance for any syntax or spelling mistakes. I tried my best to make my point clear.

        • Jake Fieret says:

          Even if the west fails, the ideas of cultural Marxism and globalism will ultimately die too. Just as classical Marxism failed due to competitive nature of humanity globalism will fail due to the tribal nature of humanity and the superiority of the nation state.I think the future lies in the hands of the far east, ie. Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.
          Also, if you enjoyed the Edwardians In Colour documentary I would recommend the BBC documentary ‘Why Beauty Matters’ by Sir Roger Scruton.
          Sir Roger is perhaps my favorite contemporary philosopher and reading his books has introduced me to many new ideas.

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