The national guard was sent into Southern schools, in the 1960’s, to enforce integration. Well, after the events of this week at Evergreen State College, I think I’ve found another purpose for the National Guard. This week, (mostly black) students at Evergreen State College, which is a public university, wanted to have a “no whites day” on campus. They called it a “day of absence” and it would be a day in which the college administrators sent an official notice to their white students encouraging them not to come to school that day.

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When they received some push back on the idea from a few faculty members, the mostly black mob, of anti-white bigots, decided to harass and corner faculty members and to occupy the office of the President of the College until he complied with their demands.

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Evergreen State College receives take payer money and anti-white bigots are currently carrying on an occupation of government facilities and attempting to enforce racist, anti-white policies from the seat of University power. Send in the National Guard and crack some skulls. Drive these people out of the administrative buildings. And, if I were them, I would use Kent State as my model, guns loaded, safeties off.

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This predominately black mob has shown violent intentions and is threatening violence on the University President if he does not accept their demands. This is a hostage situation, the university police and local police have been given the stand down order from the University President himself. If this situation does not necessitate the use of federal troops, I don’t know what does.

I mean do they have to be armed with AK-47’s? Would it help federal officials to stop being push over, wimps if the students declared their allegiance to ISIS? Or can black and Left wing students just do anything they like in this country? I mean we don’t want to seem racist or offend anyone, so let’s allow this go on until they beat a few white kids to death or physically harm their kidnapped University President. Hey, could I or my fellow students have kidnapped our University President? I really feel like I missed out on an opportunity there. All sarcasm aside, this incident is now officially setting precedent. If the police or federal government do not act then the precedent will be that kidnapping University Presidents is an acceptable form of protest for aggrieved minorities.


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The great irony in all of this is that the academia being held captive are the very people who are, in part, responsible for filling their student’s heads with all of this evil nonsense. Most of the academia that I have heard mentioned in relation to this incident have had Jewish last names but to the black students they are simply white. I suppose teaching anti-white bigotry hasn’t worked out all that well for these Jewish professors.

If this state of affairs is allowed to stand, then there will be no end to it. This is a public school and this move by black radicals, and their white SJW poodles, is but one action in a long series of escalating actions waged white people on American university campuses.

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If a line is not drawn to stop the oppression of whites, then things are going to get far worse for white students and universities will become safe spaces for anti-white violence and acts of humiliation against white students. White students will be forced to either renounce their race, their culture, their family, and their heritage or face physical violence.

There is but one solution. Strike now, strike fast, strike hard, and put the fear of God into these vermin.