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Racists Anonymous

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Hello, my name is Eric and I am a racist. It’s been two months since my last confession. I think if I have one more anti-racism stress test then I will be going clear for a long time. And, oh goodness, I seem to have mixed my metaphors there a bit.

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Recently I heard that the NPR show “Invisibilia” was doing an episode about a group of people that formed a “racists anonymous” group. And it is exactly what you would think it would be. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, it is a group of people who come together to tell everyone that they are a racist and uses the same tactics as AA to battle racism. ┬áThe meeting in the show was in a church in California but I have recently heard that there is also a church in my home state of North Carolina is holding them, as well as 30 other churches, according to the Washington Post.

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The “racists anonymous” meetings are the actions of a cult. When I say cult, I would also include in that secular political ideologies like communism and religious movements like Puritanism. Looking at the ideology of anti-racism as a cult or extreme religious ideology helps to illuminate why it has been so successful and why it has such a strong grip on so many white minds.

The Puritan faith holds a great similarity to the cult or faith of anti-racism. The Puritans were constantly paranoid about their own salvation. They were always looking for little signs that they were part of the elect, the few that would be saved, or the damned, the vast, vast majority who would be sent to hell. And they never really knew if they were saved, if they were one of the elect. This mindset of paranoid fits in really well with the progressive, leftist idea of “implicit bias”.

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Implicit bias is this idea that, as a white person, even when you think you aren’t being racist or have gotten all of the racism out of your system, you are still a racist. There is no way to ever know if you have completely cleansed yourself of racism, just like there was no way to ever know if you were actually saved within the Puritan faith.

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I once asked what I thought was an obvious question about Puritanism in my religious studies class. That question was “If you were almost certain to go to hell, if almost all fun or enjoyable activities were restricted, and if very few were going to go to heaven, then why did people believe it?” But now I think I understand. People believed it because it had such a strong understanding of human psychology. The hope of being one of the few chosen saved and the strong incentive to work towards religious holiness because you never wanted to be seen as damned to hell made it a powerful system of thought.

The practice of “self-criticism” that is used in these Racists Anonymous meetings have a much darker history than Puritanism.

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The Maoist Communist Revolution in China had a practice known as “self-criticism”, where every community would get together once a week and confess to how they had failed the communist party or failed to live up to its ideal. They were always expected to confess a failure, whether they had made one or not. This is where the Leftist anti-racist paranoia is eventually leading.

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The Oneida cult had similar “self-criticism sessions”, as does Scientology, and basically every single destructive cult that destroys people’s lives.

Defend your mind, jealously guard your Reason, and do not think for one moment that messages that sound good, are good.


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