The 2016 election was one of hatred, of vitriol, of mudslinging, and of false and broken promises. While most elections are like this, naturally, this one was crueler, more evil, more meaningful.

This is because the 2016 elections and the oncoming 2018 elections, despite what people think, aren’t elections which will decide the fate of the legacy of former President Obama and the country as a whole, but rather, they serve as the true test of if the Democratic and Republican parties can survive in this post-modern age as the people of America become more fractured, more identitarian, and more close-minded.

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Additionally, I believe that in the eyes of both parties that true victory will come not from winning these elections, but from being the loser.

Throughout history, in the ages of the end of Empires, it holds that the opposition is the one that gets the better; the Sea Peoples that destroyed the Bronze Age Empires, the Macedonians whom destroyed the Persians, the Germanic Tribes that brought the end of Rome, Gandhi and the Indians whom forced the British to abandon the colony of the British Raj and eventually their brothers in colonization throughout Africa and Asia who did the same, a common theme runs through these famous examples and all their counterparts- they were the opposition, and in the end they won against a larger, oftentimes much more technologically advanced power.

Therefore, I believe it is fair to say that as a general rule of thumb, a person or a group of people whom are lower than another person or group of people can and do eventually end up beating the superior group in the long run. The Democrats, either intentionally or not, are using this rule of thumb to their advantage.

Even if Hillary Clinton, President Obama, John Podesta and all the large Democratic players didn’t realize it, their party has and is adapting to this historical rule. They are becoming the opposition, and a strong one. The election of Trump was, rather than a setback of decades like many pro-Trumpers and even generally anti-liberals though, but rather a massive step forward for their cause. As of now and going further into the Presidency of Donald Trump, the Democrats are and will be the largest and only source of opposition to a regime which, to be frank, the majority does not support.

4 Riders 2016 Election 1024x640 The 2016 Election And The Rise Of The Democrats  Regardless of what you may think, the majority of people do not support Trump wholeheartedly. Even his most ardent supporters during the campaign- like myself- have become disillusioned in their support due to his floundering in terms of domestic policy, his weak responses to issues that plague him such as the Russia collusion narrative and his inability to unite the Republicans, and his general moderation on many issues where he needs to be strong. The game of “4D Hyper Chess” his supporters thought he was playing was nothing more than lucky brakes and him playing into the Democrats hands.

Now as the opposition, the Democrats are at full range to look as stupid as possible, act as outrageous as possible, and disrupt as much as possible because they are the opposition. To escape Trump, people MUST turn to the Democrats as their are the only alternative to him. As such, while the Republicans may hold onto the White House and Congress in the coming years, those disenfranchised with Trump now will become Democrats and continue being so for many years, feeding into their machine.

Eventually, anyone against Trump will have to side with the Democrats against him and will raise their children to be Democrats or at least align with them. Precious middle ground will be ceded by right-wingers to the Democrats in return for political support to fight the Trump movement, and eventually when Trumps 4 or potentially 8 years are up, his successor will either be a hand-picked successor whom miraculously pulls off an election as his predecessor has done, or they will be a weak Republican or full-fledged Democrat.

Much as Trump wishes to destroy Obama’s legacy, the Democrats and their massive array of anti-Trump supporters will wish to do with Trump’s and, in time, the Republican’s policies as a whole.

1 1024x575 The 2016 Election And The Rise Of The Democrats  When Democrats label themselves as the opposition, we must take them seriously. They are. And as such, as stated before, even relatively non-liberal anti-Trump people will be turned away by Trump’s blubbering towards the Democrats.

They have every advantage over Trump and the Republicans at the moment simply because they aren’t either of those things. Not only this, but they have more activism than we have, they have more “grassroots” support(at least vocally), and they have more freedom of speech than we have.

We will be judged, be criticized, and be dismissed for and from every comment we make. They will not be. Not only this, but every comment they make will be backed up by a friendly mainstream media, and by an entire generation, the millennials, who will propagate their narrative across the chambers of social media forever, even after the Republicans and Trump end up being out of power.

It would be wholly unfair to say the Democrats suffered a horrific defeat in the election. Even with their Manchurian candidates such as Jeb!, Kasich, Cruz, and other such weak Republicans being defeated, their ultimate Manchurian candidate is one they could have never dreamed for, who is now destroying his own administration and the Republicans with him.

The destruction of the Republicans from within and the external opposition by the bolstered ranks of the Democrats will only leave one party remaining by the 2030s, and that is the Democrats.

Joseph Baker

Joseph Baker

Young wannabe philosopher and political theorist. I tend to read more than I write and think more than I read and that reflects in my writing.

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