It is July 4th in a few days and, in the United States, July 4th is our Independence Day.  And in churches all across the United States today, there were celebrations of American patriotism and celebrations of our right to worship and the freedom of religion.  But today, for me, has been a time to reflect upon the relation between Church and State in the modern world.

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In the United States, Church and State are supposed to be separate but what I see in the modern world is collusion.  Churches in the modern world are not houses of worship to the Christian God, rather they are centers of commerce.  And what, you may ask, are they selling?  Well, they are selling diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, acceptance, and a feeling of self-righteousness that is, by any account, unearned.  The State creates these secular ideas through their universities, they feed them to the preachers and clergy, and the preachers and clergy wrap them up in Jesus and God and sell them to us Christians.

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You see, the government, in the mid to late 1970’s had an indoctrination problem.  It was only the liberal elite and the professional class of doctors, lawyers, and so forth that were buying into their globalist, social justice ideology.  If they were going to control the whole of American society with this ideology then it would have to infect every aspect of our society.  So, the question was, how do you get the majority of Americans, the vast millions of rural and suburban whites, indoctrinated into this ideology.  Well, through their churches of course.

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Church is the one public meeting that almost all rural and suburban whites attend on a regular basis.  Therefore, if you corrupt the pastors, preachers, and priests, then you can corrupt the whites that makeup their flock.  It is why we have seen churches at the center of the resistance to Trump’s deportation of illegal immigrants.

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Churches in modern day America represent a 5th column against the interests of the American people.  Instead of preaching the word of God, they are preaching social justice to get approval from a society that hates them anyways.  The actions of the modern day church very much resemble the actions of the Russian Orthodox Church right after the communists took over.  We’ll fly the communist flag, preach about social justice, and all of that, just don’t jail us or kill us.

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Well, many of them were jailed and killed anyway, but we, in modern day America, are far bigger cowards than the Russian Orthodox were. Whereas they capitulated out of a fear of death, we are capitulating out of a fear of being called a word, “racist”, or being seen as out of touch or bigoted.  So we trade our honor, respect, and our reputation for honesty and uncomfortable truths for the cheap, quick high of being told we are good boys and girls by the rest of society.  We trade goodness and truth for not being called “racist” today and hoping that we won’t be called “racist”  tomorrow.

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Our church leadership is filled with three types of men: cowards, naive dupes, or puppets.  To speak out for the immigrant, but not the white person being raped, attacked or abused by immigrants is not God’s mercy or Justice, it is either cowardly or malicious.  To speak out for only those who society tells you to speak out for and to see victim hood only in those the media tells you are victims, is to abdicate your mind to the media and your soul to society.

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