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Is that supposed to be funny?

By July 22, 2017 3 Comments

I used to love stand up comedy and when I say that I loved it, I mean I was obsessed with it.  I listened to every stand up I could and I listened to the good ones over and over again.  I think I loved them so much because I associated with them and their sense of isolation. They took their pain and made it into something funny.  They laughed the pain away and helped me to do the same.

open mic levi Is that supposed to be funny? #ALT

One of the best examples of this is when Louis C.K. was describing the current state of his sex life.  It was so pitiful and sad but he made it funny and brushed it off.  But the point of the joke was not vulgarity.  He wasn’t saying it in the sort of “look what I can say” tone.  The point of the joke was to show how marriage changes your life and to try and turn sadness into laughter.

louisck sq f800c5204c5f4aecb4c9aab916373ebf3cf8798d s300 c85 Is that supposed to be funny? #ALT

It is precisely the lack of any substance, other than vulgarity, that leaves me asking “Is that supposed to be funny?”, in response to most modern comedy.  There are really only three categories that modern comedy falls into.

Category one- the genuinely good comedy.  This consists of a small group of comedians who are genuinely funny.

Category two- vulgarity and filth ARE the joke.  Comedians like Amy Schumer, Ari Shaffir, Daniel Tosh, and Sarah Silverman would fall into this category.  These comedians have no joke other than “look at me say gross things about sex and sometimes drugs”, that’s it.  I dare you to find a single actual joke they have ever made that doesn’t entirely rely on people being shocked by vulgarity.  If you can find a single, intelligently crafted, good joke they have made, I would love to see it.

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Category three- social justice / identity politics comedians.  For a good description of the identity politic comedians, here is typically how they open their set, “Hey everyone, I’m Jewish/Indian/Muslim/Mexican, joke about identity, joke about identity, joke about identity.”  They are basically a one trick pony, if you really love hearing very specific jokes about Indian parents or Jewish mothers or Muslim fathers then you’re in luck because that’s all you are going to hear.

maxresdefault Is that supposed to be funny? #ALT

And, finally, the social justice “comedians”, who are barely even comedians.  I don’t often put words in quotations like that, they are called “scare quotes”, but I think it’s justified here because most of these heavily political comedians like John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, and others don’t really seem to even be attempting to make jokes anymore.  When I watch John Oliver’s show, which I occasionally do or when I watch Samantha Bee, with a heavy sedative in hand, you see, that’s a joke.  When I watch those shows, they seem to me like normal news shows.  I watch a ton of news and there is little difference between a show like John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” and a long version of what Vox does or what Vice News does.

last week tonight Is that supposed to be funny? #ALT

Comedy has stopped being funny because the Jews that make up most of the comedians and comedy writers have lost their sense of humor.  The Jewish mentality is always about attacking.  Attacking gentile society, attacking traditional morals and standards, etc.  Well, they succeeded in tearing down gentile society and traditional morals and standards.  So, what do they do now?  Well, they keep going.  They push further and further into degeneracy and ever more radical left wing politics and, at some point, it gets incredibly stale and preachy.

CofC 2 Is that supposed to be funny? #ALT

The people have stopped laughing at your jokes and have started laughing at you.


  • TheSnorkeler says:

    I think it would be wise to start using a term like Jewish Atheists instead of Jews. Religious and Conservative Jews are not really a part of this. It seems to be Jews who are not actually Jewish that are at the heart of the leftist insurgency.

  • Chris E. says:

    Comedy and Entertainment in general is a medium heavily populated by the Jewish populace, right? So, I think it is unfair to lump them all in the same theory.
    You can’t cast aspersions on someone just because they’re a Jew. Jerry Seinfeld’s a Jew. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stand here and let you say anything bad about him. 😀

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