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The Charlottesville Purge

By August 26, 2017 No Comments

There has been a nationwide, paranoid witch hunt in the wake of the Charlottesville protests. Numerous individuals who went to the protest have been traced down on social media and have had their employers contacted as to get them fired. All of the major server providers and google itself have conspired to deny the website “The Daily Stormer” the right to exist, even Chinese and Russian servers providers were pressured into dropping them.  Numerous other Alt Right publications and media have been targeted and have had their sites either taken down, with no real justification given. The college Republicans group that James Allsup belonged to was pressured into dropping him as their president because he committed the grave crime of attending the legally permitted rally in Charlottesville, what happened to “muh Constitution” college Republicans? And two college students were permanently expelled from their colleges for the same crime, the crime of attending a legal and constitutionally protected political rally. This is a purge, a purge that is being carried out by the intellectual and corporate elite of this country. A purge, for those who may be unfamiliar with the term, is an attempt by those in power to destroy and get rid of all of their enemies at once within a particular institution or, sometimes, within a whole country.

 The Charlottesville Purge #ALT

The purge in Charlottesville was a fear response by the governmental, corporate, academic superstate. All of those institutions are not actually separate institutions but the same institution run by the same social class of elite cosmopolitans. The massive, hegemonic, and monopolistic corporate infrastructure is basically indistinguishable from the State or the government at this point. They act in concert with one another, they have become so heavily inhabited with the same class of people that they do no need to coordinate or conspire because the same class rules both the corporations and the government. Capital and the State act with one hand, especially on matters of multiculturalism, diversity, and anti-white propaganda. The fact that over a thousand white people showed up to a pro-white rally scared this superstate to death and they felt the need to crack down and crack down hard. They wanted to send a shot across the bow, to warn white people “you better not do this again, or else.”

USBC 1000x534 The Charlottesville Purge #ALT

The Charlottesville Purge only serves to illustrate the illusion of free speech that Americans believe they have. Americans do not have free speech, at least on issues and ideas that might actually might someone think or offend someone. Americans only have the illusion of free speech. If you wish to talk about race, culture, Jews, or white identity, then you do not have free speech in America, by and large. If the result of your speech is that you lose your job, your ability to get an education, your physical safety, your privacy, and your ability to publish content online, then you don’t really have free speech, do you?


Free speech is a culture. If that culture is not maintained then it doesn’t really matter what the laws of the government are. If a mob is willing to lynch you for having a different opinion, then does it really matter what some law book says? And if an internet, corporate, and academic mob is willing to lynch your life, career, and physical well being, then does it really matter that we have some paragraph in a dusty document signed by white supremacist slave holders that says that we have something called a “First Amendment”? No, of course it doesn’t matter. The culture creates the atmosphere by which laws have meaning.

Free speech is dead, there is only the ruling elite and those in rebellion to that tyrannical class.  The ruling class will regret breaking their own illusions.

Diversity is a Capitalist lie

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