Bernie Will Slaughter in 2020

By September 16, 2017 10 Comments

I really do not like Bernie Sanders. And I mean really.

As ferociously as I promote civil, well-reasoned, dispassionate political discourse, I admit that I have a hard time keeping my cool when the Vermont Senator is a part of the subject matter at hand.

Bernie Sanders politics are almost entirely antithetical to what I believe in. Even when we overlap, it tends to be for wildly different reasons. In February, Sanders proposed legislation to allow Americans to purchase pharmaceuticals from abroad (it would eventually fail in the Senate). At the moment, many of these purchases are abridged or prohibited due to trade barriers that are in place thanks to lobbying from Big Pharma. The result of this protectionism is artificially high drug prices at home in the US. I imagine that Sanders wants to tear down these walls as a way to punish Big Pharma and because, in this instance, he feels there are benefits to permitting consumer choice. I, on the other hand, believe that government has no business telling Americans what they can and cannot buy nor who they can buy from, so Bernie Sanders’s seal of approval should be irrelevant. I also believe that free trade is a boon to economic growth and keeps prices low in general. Sanders thinks government should determine when to allow the free exchange of goods and services across national borders because big government knows best.

Beyond politics, I believe Bernie is a hypocrite, a horrendous role model, and a demagogic snake.

Sanders claims to stand for the working class and the poor, yet he owns three housesand has never had a real job. Instead of getting his hands dirty as a public school teacher, putting his life on the line as a fireman, or otherwise directly contributing to making the world a better place, Sanders has spent nearly four decades collecting a generous, tax-payer-funded paycheck in various positions of government. He earned over a million dollars last year.

I want to believe that to the general public of the United States of America, Bernie Sanders is as much of a joke as he is to me. I want to believe that America could never fall for the manipulations and obfuscations of a weasley Communist. I want to believe that Americans understand their rights and are aware of the devastation Sandersian policies have caused throughout the 20th Century and are on display now in Venezuela.

But I don’t.

I don’t believe any of those things intuitively, and I don’t believe them based on the available data.

The Mainstream Media, suffering from massive quantities of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias, have compensated for their false assumptions and failed polling data by manufacturing fictions about Nazi uprisings and Russian meddling to explain Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

But the way I see it, the story is quite simple:

After 16 years of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the American people, especially lower-income Republicans and Progressives, were angry.

Republicans were angered by Bush’s complete failure to be a Conservative as well as his sending their children off to fight pointless, endless wars. They were angry at Obama for his Global-Citizen (as opposed to patriotic American) speeches, his palling around with people who ridicule them, and his policies and warmongering in general.

Progressives were angry at Bush for everything, and they were angry that Obama did not bring about the Utopia of “Hope and Change” they had expected.

As a result of this anger, Trump’s populism won the GOP nomination, and Sanders’ populism came close to taking down the seemingly unbeatable Clinton machine.

In the general election, Trump and Clinton both lost sizeable shares of their parties. Aside from those, like Dennis Prager, who believe that Leftism is such a great danger to America that any Republican would suffice, or, in other words, aside from those who subscribe to the acceptance of the lesser-of-two-evils, Constitutional Conservatives, movement Conservatives, and Liberty-leaning Republicans refused to vote for Trump in droves. Some, like P.J. O’Rourke, chose Clinton as the devil you know, some went for third-party candidates like Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin, and some probably didn’t vote at all.

Clinton lost Progressives who couldn’t stomach her interventionism or support for multinational trade agreementsminorities who only voted for Obama because of his race, and some of the disappointed youth voters that Sanders had energized.

Likely most consequently, Clinton lost a chunk of white working class voters who supported Obama four and eight years earlier. These voters are fearful of traditionally Conservative economic policies that sometimes cost them their livelihoods, but also fear mass immigration for the same reason. Moreover, these Americans are not persuaded by multiculturalism or hyper-progressive social initiatives like allowing children to choose which school restroom to use based on what gender they feel they are.

While it’s unlikely that Trump picked up many members of the first three demographics I mentioned, he got the working-class whites. By making immigration and trade reform his most prominent issues, by promising to leave Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid intact, and by saying he’d swap American interventionism for “America First,” Trump had put together a winning formula. He even managed to get one out of every ten Bernie Bros according to the available polling data and, to be fair, common sense.

If Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic Primary in 2020, even if he’s 150 years old, he’ll beat Trump in an absolute landslide.

Bernie Sanders would bring together the automatic Democrats, the principled Progressives, the Obama minorities, the frustrated youth, and the white working class. Every left-leaning demographic that Hillary Clinton lost and every unprincipled demographic that Trump and Bernie agitated into the political sphere in 2016 would be Feeling the Bern.

Trump’s support would be reduced to automatic Republicans, anti-Progressive nationalists, Trump diehards, and those who feel that anything is better than Socialism. And that will not be enough to constitute a voting majority.

The only thing that could derail a Sanders presidency if he decides to run for and wins the DNC nomination (neither of which are guarantees) would be a Jill Stein from the other side. In other words, if the Democratic Party were fractured by an insurgent anti-Sanders group, it peel away enough voters to give Trump the edge.

What kind of insurgency would this be? I imagine a third-way feminist revolt. Sanders and his supporters were smeared as sexists from within their own party during and after the last election, and this tactic will be used again. If some on the left are too committed to getting a woman or minority into office, Trump will have a shot at beating Bernie.

I write none of this in celebration. There is no glee in these words. But I am committed to telling the truth. And the truth is that the America our Founding Fathers fought and died for is seldom persuasive to a voting majority of human beings.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.


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  • softy says:

    This is the most stupid rant that I’ve heard in quite awhile. The author seems to have no knowledge nor understanding of the war that’s going on in the culture between “Progressives” and Nationalists/Populists. Bernie Sanders could only be taken seriously by the Left-most portion of the U.S. electorate. But to most Americans, the “Left” (most notably the Democratic party) is just a burning wreck pushed off to the side of a highway to nowhere. It will not be able to rise from its ashes for years and years, if ever.

    • Konrad Linde says:

      I’ll dare to politely disagree mate. I don’t know the details of american politics but saying that the left is a “burning wrack not able to rise from its ashes” sounds a bit like naive wishful thinking. The left has encountered two minor obstacles (i.e. US elections and the Brexit vote) on their smooth path to total domination. They’ve lost two irrelevant battles in a war they’ve been winning for decades with little to no resistance. The left has full control over the whole education system, the media and Silicon Valley. Some of us on the internet are waking up but after we log off, we go to leftie dominated corpo jobs to attend another obligatory “cultural sensitivity” course and if we complain about it on social media – we go to jail. The US still have some shreds of sanity but overall it’s moving in exactly the same direction as doomed EU and doomed Australia.

      I think that if it wasn’t for DNC rigging the primaries – Bernie would have beaten Trump last year and if he gets the nomination he will win in 2020.

      • softy says:

        Konrad Linde: I understand the thinking behind your disagreement. But I do understand American politics (have been fairly deeply involved in the machinery of it for decades, on both sides of the political divide). And I stand behind my claim that the Democratic Party is a burning wreck on the side of a highway to nowhere. Time will of course tell. Wait until the next round of elections. I wish that it were practical for us to arrange to have a drink to discuss the outcomes.

        In the United States, people on the right (and MANY who were in the middle) have awakened from the intellectual slumber that they were unaware that they’d been immersed in. None of these people will fall prey anytime soon to distractions by the mainstream media, from the conviction that the Left must be not only stopped but destroyed. People on the right have been polite up to this point. But after the behavior of the “Left” after the election of Donald Trump, if push comes to shove, they will make the likes of Antifa look like fat bullies on an elementary school playground.

        As for Bernie, I hope that he does win the Democratic nomination. He’s always been a fringe candidate (as in having almost no mainstream support). He’d have no chance of winning in 2020 against ANY conservative candidate. I suspect that the Democratic Party understands this, and will be scrambling between now and election time, to come up with SOME candidate who could possibly appeal to at least half of the American public. They won’t however. Again, let’s wait and see.

        • TheSnorkeler says:

          I fear you are making the Trump error. The mainstream said the same things about the Republican Party and Trump. Republicans were too divided between Conservatives, populists, the establishment, neocons, libertarians, and more. Trump was just a crazy fringe candidate that had a little populist base. Every time a Republican dropped out, the other non-Trump candidates would gain support and Trump would eventually lose to the rest of the GOP collective.

          They were all wrong. The only difference between Trump and Sanders is that in the polls, Trump performed worse against the Democrats than any other GOP contender. Kasich was a lock to win, Rubio had a nice lead, and even Ted Cruz was in the lead against Hillary for a while. Trump was the only one behind in the polls, and even though he won the electoral college, he lost the popular vote by over 3 million.

          Bernie, on the other hand, polled better head-to-head than Hillary against everyone. And Bernie was one of few (the only one?) candidates that had an overall favorable view from voters.

          And look at the UK. Theresa May was supposed to demolish Corbyn in the snap election a few months ago. Not only did she lose seats, but she almost lost her position as Prime Minister. Corbyn was a hair away from taking over England.

          Don’t get trapped in the same overconfident bubble as the Democrats were a year ago. The war has not been won.

          • softy says:

            I’m comfortable with waiting for time to tell whether or not there’s anything to your or my assumptions. But there’s a significant difference between the seeming similarities of the assumptions of the Left and the Right. The differences that you describe are based entirely on the portrayal of the situation by the mainstream media, which trumpeted “polls” indicating that an overwhelming majority would elect Hillary Clinton. By the way, the electoral college is the only mechanism that matters at all. The popular vote does not. That said, I think that the popular vote count was grossly incorrect because of voter fraud, and that effective steps will be taken to fix that problem by 2020. I predict that it will be corrected well enough to assure that the 1% “higher tally” for the Democrats in the 2016 election will be replaced by a much higher than 1% margin of winning votes for the Republicans.

            I of course don’t know what your political experience is. Mine includes working inside the political machinery for both the Democratic and Republican parties. I’ve been an advisor to legal teams for each, a delegate in State primaries, and have performed other meaningful functions, including being a consultant to two sitting California governors. For whatever it may be worth to you, I offer my perspective as a person who does know a little bit about politics.

            All that aside, I’d also like to point out that it doesn’t matter at all what’s going on in the UK or Europe. Most of those societies comprise collections of mentally crippled “subjects” and other pawns who don’t have any understanding of the sovereignty of the people under the U.S. Constitution. Most of the people who do get a clue about that, move to the United States. And now that a significant number of people here in the U.S. have had their eyes opened, The “Left” no longer stands a chance. I predict that it will be crushed.

            I assure you that I am not trapped in the overconfident bubble that the Democrats were in. I am looking at this as a battle-hardened warrior. I am also fully aware that the battle hasn’t yet been won, But am confident that it will be. This fight will be like shooting fish in a barrel. There are LOTS of fish to shoot. But it’s easy to do. They are self-destructing en mass at every turn, on their own, because they lack the ability to think intelligently about issues, strategy and tactics.

          • Konrad Linde says:

            It sounds that you know what you’re talking about. I really hope you’re right. Maybe because I’ve been focusing more on Euro and Aussie politics lately I’m so pessimistic about the US. Anyway we’ll wait and see. If by any chance you’re in Tasmania one day I’ll be happy to have that drink you mentioned 😉 Cheers mate!

          • softy says:

            I hope that I’m right, too. I think that I probably am. But it remains to be seen how energized the mainstream American public can remain, given the pitiful state of popular culture today. I am encouraged by the fact that our elections turn one way or the other based on the actions of only a small fraction of the electorate.

            For my part, I am spending significant amounts of time and energy working to enlighten people about the pathetic nature of the media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) and how those “mainstream” outlets ignore (thereby helping to make invisible) the actions of groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Atlantic Council (not to mention the fact that they say virtually nothing about the hordes of “refugees” being herded into European countries against the will of those countries’ citizens). I shine light on the funding of those (and lots of similar forces) by the likes of George Soros, and while talking with people about these things, endeavor to display presence as an ambassador of clear thinking.

            Surely, if enough influential, clear-minded people do things like these, they can swell the ranks of voters by an amount that will exceed the percentage necessary to prevail in elections.

            I like to remind myself of Samuel Adams’ words to the effect of “It doesn’t take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” I’m confident that since the 2016 election, I’ve already kindled such brushfires in the minds of at least 10 people. 1 (me) to 10 (others) is a good ratio. And there must be lots of people besides me who are embarking on similar campaigns. Hopefully, they are meeting with similar success. And there’s still a lot of time left before 2020. I hope to make the ratio at least 1:100, and that those hundred people each affect many more.

            I hope that someday I am in Tasmania, so that we can have that drink. If I’m wrong about all this, my alternate plan B is to sell everything, and depart from the country on a nice sailboat. If that happens, I’ll make it a point to stop in and see you.

          • dens214 says:

            Chances are Bernie will be dead by 2020. He’s old.

  • ECONOMAN says:


  • Janet L Davis says:

    Bernie Sanders will be WAY TOO OLD in 2020 for that shit.

    And softly is right. Most people aren’t content with just letting the Left off the hook this time. We want to burn it to the ground. And with them pushing identity politics even harder, they’re being very helpful in that regard.

    The democrat party showed their hand too early and NO ONE will forget it or what they saw. No one is going to just forgive & forget, especially given the toddler like behavior since the 2016 election. It’s been non-stop idiocy to the point that I don’t think a lot of the people causing it should even be IN the country much less breathing.

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