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The End of the NFL

By September 28, 2017 No Comments

NFL football is the closest thing that America has to a national sport and this week it has been torn apart by a series of protests. The Left have deconstructed many things that American’s love.  They have made serious institutions into their social justice play things and have turned Christianity in America into an anti-racist activism club, but they will seriously regret taking away the few hours of escapism and leisure that most white Americans indulge in on Sunday afternoons. We white Americans are a people that will work till our fingers bleed for a bit of land and a normie, boring life. Part of that normie, boring life is watching football on Sunday.  It is the closest thing in the modern world to saying that you are going to have friends over for ice cream and apple pie. It is associated with wholesome things like Thanksgiving and it feels like it belongs to our more wholesome past. If you begin to mess with that, to mess with the fixed points of normality in people’s lives, you tempt the devil.

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I really have to thank to the Left because the Left have been systematically ruining the avenues that white Americans have available to avoid reality. It is because the Left have wanted to use entertainment like video games, professional football and baseball, and television/movies as their personal playthings that millions of white Americans are simply choosing to tune out and go elsewhere for our fun. I must admit, I like football. It contains pretty much all of the elements that I like in any game: strategy, formations, and designing plans of attack against a skilled opponent. I have watched football pretty much all my life, it has been a part of my every Sunday.  But now, it appears that that is over. Even moderate whites that I know, who don’t even have any particular racial consciousness, are tuning out. And this means that it is going to become harder and harder for whites to ignore the reality of the anti-white society in which we live because there will be no where to go to avoid it.

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I want to end by saying that this is the sort of thing typically happens before a revolution. I am not saying that America is right on the edge of a revolution but the heavy politicization of sports and all forms of entertainment are one of those markers that people who study revolutions look for. I am certainly no expert but in my reading of revolutionary movements, the politicization of public gatherings like sports events represent a wide unease in the society. In Ireland before the revolution, the Irish people heavily politicized our sporting events. Most Celtic Football games were used as organizing events for the IRA or the Irish Republican Brotherhood. These were revolutionary organizations that promoted the overthrow of British rule in the nation of Ireland. These sporting events became so heavily political that when there were IRA assassinations of British officials, the British army decided to respond by opening fire on an Irish crowd watching a Celtic Football game at Croke Park. This is known within Ireland as “Bloody Sunday”. I do not think that anything of that sort will happen at an NFL game anytime soon but I want you to see how this isn’t “just sports” because within a divided society, sports become a political and cultural battleground, sometimes literally.

 The End of the NFL

When the ship goes down, it takes the ball room down with it. The American ship is going down, the NFL ballroom is going down with it.

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