The SATs are Racist

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There is an academic journal that tracks how black people are doing in terms of their SAT scores presumably, because they want more black people to get into college. This journal is called the “The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education” and they publish information directly from the College Board, the organization that collects statistics on SAT scores. If you are a fact based person who only decides things on that basis, I am sorry for you, because I am about to make you a racist.

According to the College Board, the mean SAT score for a black student whose family makes above $200,000 a year is 981 and the mean SAT score for a white student whose family makes under $20,000 dollars a year is 978.

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What does this mean? Well, this means that the richest black student who has access to all of the SAT tutoring you could ask for, who probably goes to rich private schools, and who lives in the best social conditions available in America, still do about the same on the SAT as a white student who lives in the poorest place in America, with no tutoring, a poor social environment, and, more than likely, goes to a bad school. It also means that the typical liberal excuse that black people do worse in school because they live in worse economic conditions is shattered immediately, it is off the table.

So, what other excuse does the left have now? The excuse that they always use when they know they are beat, “the test is racist”. That is what they did with IQ tests, they just called IQ tests racist and therefore they didn’t have to deal with the results. The results being that blacks routinely score lower on IQ tests. If they accepted these results, they would also have to deal with the fact that the billions of dollars spent on welfare and affirmative action over the last 50 years has been wasted money,

african iq of 70 2707 black and white iq distribution in america The SATs are Racist iq of 70 2707 black and white iq distribution in america.jpg

But, if you believe that the SATs are racist then you have to also believe that history and historical fact are racist as well. Lets take a look at the period between 0AD and 1650 in Africa. Why? Well, 1650 is the year when we can say that there was significant contact between Europeans and Africans, before that year Africans were more or less on their own. They weren’t being enslaved by whites except for some small missions by the Portuguese and they were being left alone to develop their own civilizations, empires, and cultures. So, what is it that they created? Well, nothing of note really. There is no significant contributions that they made to the world, no philosophies, no inventions, no forms of government, nothing.  If we look at just the first 200 years of European history, from 0AD to 200AD, what did we do?  Well, we created the idea of democracy, we created Aristotelain logic, Socratic reasoning, classic art and architecture, the epic poem, the idea of a monotheistic God, aqueducts that provided clean drinking water, a system of roads, and the idea of a Republic, which was put into practice by Rome.

Acropolis The SATs are Racist content/uploads/2013/06/Acropolis.jpg

Meaning that by 200AD, Europeans had already created more than Africans have created to this day. Moving forward from 200 to 1650AD, we Europeans created modern long range travel, modern map making and navigation, modern commerce, neo-classical architecture, Renaissance art, and ideas like humanitarianism and were in the midst of the Scientific Revolution .  Now, let’s go to Africa and, still nothing.  If Africans were capable of creating anything like what Europeans created, don’t you think there would have been some signs of it by the 1600’s?  Isn’t one thousand, six hundred years long enough to judge whether or not a people are capable of creating civilization and works of advanced intellect?  I think it is.

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