No longer feeling connected to the modern world, we instead see ourselves currently living in the future—so far into the future that we ask the past to catch up to it. Since the future cannot be racist, sexist, or unequal, the past cannot be racist, sexist, or unequal. There is no room left to feel connected to the present. We are living in a spiritually “post-modern” era.

Museums are built to commemorate a past that has shaped the present and maybe even influenced the future. But when we have museums of “modern” art, rejecting the past and already claiming the future, what is left for the modern? Nothing. Too many recoil in disgust for the past, and are bored of the present because when we are constantly fed nonsense, commercials, lazy films, lazy education, lazy news, endless fiascos and provocations, the present is pushed aside. No more do we have a sense of ourselves, or a way to grasp at our very being, and to know ourselves.

Fukuyama was wrong. We are not living in a post-historical world, but an anti-historical one. History is about how Man has shaped the events of the world, and the burden He bares for the responsibility He upholds for it. We have thrown away our responsibility. Shaping our own worlds, our own passions, with devices built to replace our inconvenience. In 30-50 years, our leaders will be former Youtubers and film/music stars. And we will be living in our virtual realities with sex robots, not a care for who becomes the leader of our nation, so long as they’re in that film we liked because it didn’t make us think, and gave us half-assed life lessons non-applicable to anyone above the age of 3.

Soon we will choose our own realities, our own children, our own spouses, our own identity, our own sex, at the push of a button. And it will be glorified as “new”, “cool”, “innovative”. Taxed to death, we will soon be willing to tax our soul for the convenience of “choice”. To paraphrase Tolkien’s most infamous little wretch, we will forget the taste of bread, the sound of the trees, the softness of the wind, and the meaning of our names.

Solipsism is the logical conclusion of individualism. Trapped within our soulless lives, we shall eat ourselves to death. . . at the push of a button.

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