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College Professor Hates White Babies

By November 14, 2017 2 Comments

Have you ever held a white baby in your arms and thought “this is an expression of racism and white people need to die off”? Yea, me neither but there are plenty of (((white people))) who do think like that. If you are a white person I want you to understand something, Leftists and elite Jews hate you. They despise you and they literally hate your children. If you are a white mother, your greatest day, one of the happiest days of your life is a representation of absolute evil to them.

blue eyed white baby College Professor Hates White Babies eyed white baby.jpg

A few days ago, a blue check twitter account by the name of JessieNYC tweet out her open disdain for white children and white families. But before I get to what she said, I did some rudimentary journalism here and found that this account belongs to a University Professor at Hunter College in New York City. If look at her twitter account it has her name, Jessie Daniels. Using that and the fact that NYC was part of her account name, I typed in “jessie daniels nyc” into google and sure enough, a video comes, in the google videos section, up of this woman giving a lecture as a representative for Hunter College.

white nuclear family professor jessie daniels 4 College Professor Hates White Babies nuclear family professor jessie daniels 4.jpg

Jessie Daniels, professor at Hunter College, tweeted out a few days ago, “I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy, but + you’re forming a white family + reproducing white children that ‘you want the best for’- how is that helping + not part of the problem?”. First of all, what is this ladies’ obsession with plus signs? I think plus signs are white supremacy. But to get to the serious point, this is a college professor saying that having white children is white supremacy. Which, by extension, is saying that the very existence of white people is white supremacy and racism.

white family part of the problem College Professor Hates White Babies family part of the problem.jpg

This idea, that the very existence of white people is white supremacy, is at the root of the anti-white, diversity ideology. Ultimately, the existence of white people is something that they view as being inherently racist. Through this logic, a white mother having a white child is an act of white supremacy in the same way that Dlyann Roof shooting up a black church is an act of white supremacy.  And what should a white mother who already has a white child do?  By Ms. Daniel’s logic, she should kill it.  If white children represent a continuation of white supremacy, then wouldn’t killing white children be the best way to fight white supremacy?

child+sacrifice+to+Canaanite+gods College Professor Hates White Babies FEtLHBxPoig/UNIbsUC73pI/AAAAAAAAEj8/oKRZ 3VAbZc/s1600/child+sacrifice+to+Canaanite+gods.jpg

I don’t actually want to get this woman fired, quite the opposite. I want to get her a job at MSNBC and give her a whole hour every night to tell white Americans how much she hates their white children and believes that white babies represent white supremacy. I can think of nothing that could advance the cause of white people and a healthy pro-white future more than Ms. Daniels being the voice of the Left.

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They hate you, they hate your children, and they want you to die slowly.  Never forget this.  When your children are raped by Muslims, they laugh.  When your grandparents get their heads caved in by black burglars, they cackle.  Our death, our pain, and our injustices are their joys.  If you are white, I care about you and your safety and your happiness.  You may hate me if you like but in the end, you will have to choose.  And your choice is between death and life.  The death of whites and the hatred of your own children or a new, healthy future for white people.


  • Joel W says:

    Re: ‘When you date a white its not alright’ sign

    Let’s look at that in a positive light. Maybe it will stop white girls from mudsharking. If black men won’t date white women, I see that as a win for everybody.

  • Mahra Tarnawiecki says:

    It is unbelievable the degree of genocidal hatred that piece of filth has for white people. what a monster, she is Hitler!!

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