State Education is NOT Responsible for the Fall of the West!

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If you have been a participant in the truth movement for some time then you will not have failed to notice the sheer amount of blame that we place at the foot state education for its role in corroding the West.

The State brainwashes our children! State schools indoctrinate our children with Marxism! There is no hope for freedom of thought as teachers beat it out of them from day one!

It seems then that education is an important battlefield in the fight for our future and that of the soul of Europe. I agree. However, as a state primary school teacher in the UK, I must speak out against the thoughtless condemnation of everything we do in the frontlines of the great battle.


What the Government Does

First of all, let us examine the role of The State in state schools. Readers be aware that I am writing exclusively from the standpoint of state-led education in England and cannot comment on any other education system.

All teaching in English state schools is underpinned by the National Curriculum that can be accessed here:  The National Curriculum lays out the key skills that all pupils must learn and gives a general overview of the knowledge and concepts that our children are expected to leave each year of school with. The primary school curriculum is of particular note as all subjects for such a vital age in child development are included in one concise place and gives a good overview of government thinking. The primary curriculum was recently updated under the leadership of the controversial Michael Gove (former education secretary) who famously criticised the lack of academic rigour in English schools, including the lack of formal grammar teaching and mathematical grounding. Gove was criticised at the time for being old fashioned and those in secondary schools took particular issue with his emphasis on teaching ‘white-centric’ (read: ‘British’) history and literature. This article in the Guardian will give you some idea:  The English curriculum is now so English that we do not even have American literature! Argue with this as much as you like, but do not try to pretend that we have entered a multi-culti hell hole. The school curriculum in England is actually distinctly patriotic, but please make up your own mind.

In terms of proscribed ethics and religion, Tommy Robinson has it completely wrong: schools are NOT mandated to take all children to mosques. In fact, The State provides zero requirements for the teaching of religion and ethics. In primary education, the National Curriculum suggests that teachers might want to teach a non-European topic area including ancient China, the Mayans or the Islamic age of empire, but it is up to individual schools to decide for themselves and can be delivered in any way the teacher sees fit. All that is required is that children learn the key skills and general concepts of any subject, for example ‘understanding how empires expand’ or ‘historical change’. Proscription is reserved for maths, English and science with lists of spellings and scientific concepts laid out for the teacher to follow.

The National Curriculum leaves teachers and/or schools free to ‘force’ Tommy Robinson’s children to visit mosques and temples, but is never mandated or even suggested by Government itself. If you have a problem with what is being taught in state schools, then speak directly to your teacher who has sovereignty of all of his or her teaching decisions (unless they are under a strict mandate from the head teacher).

Before claiming that state schools are forced to deliver a certain ‘leftist’ message then please read their guidelines first as this is what directly governs what compulsory knowledge is taught in the classroom.


What We Do

“Perhaps The State is not that direct in their propaganda,” I hear you say, “but the teachers are chosen by the system to deliver Marxist ideology.” Yes, this could be true. As you have heard, there is actually a lot of freedom for teachers and if they happened to be rampant SJWs then they would be free to indoctrinate children accordingly. However, in my experience (it is from here that we leave cold, hard facts) this never happens. Teachers are expected to be politically and religiously neutral and can get into trouble for espousing their own views (rightly so), so it depends entirely on any given school community as to how far this is tolerated. In essence, teachers are democratically controlled so are actually very easy to reign in. Parents have a powerful voice and complaints can stop almost any sin in the classroom, it is simply up to them to speak up.

Now, let us look at my colleagues, my teacher friends and myself. What kind of people are we? I have actually found my colleagues so far to be very open to the truth movement and have never had any backlash for airing balanced views of Trump or Brexit. Really. In my experience, teachers are level-headed and realistic. We complain about our government more than any profession I know and hate being told what to think. Teachers are generally fair, open to debate and inquisitive and hate the changes we are currently seeing in society.

I love working with middle-aged mothers who have to hold their tongues when confronted with sissy children (“if they were my child I would have shouted at them for being such a wimp!”) and hold their heads in despair when faced with a special snowflake who is backed up by similarly idiotic parents. Yes, if you want us to pamper your snowflake child then we are almost certainly judging you. We think that they need to understand the real world and grow up. There are even many veterans who will say that to your face, so beware.

We spend our day jumping up and down to try and inspire free thinking in the classroom and hate anything that threatens to turn children (or teachers) into robots.

When Trump was elected I was relieved to see that my colleagues were equally distressed at how the children unanimously regurgitated the anti-Trump rhetoric and had become inexplicably fanatical about their hatred for him, even though they did not know the first thing about America or politics in general. I am still confused as to where they picked up this indoctrination from. And for the record, as a ‘sleeper agent’ of our movement I challenged their preconceptions with a dose of neutral questioning to get them thinking for themselves. I am not sure if it worked.


Responsibility of the Family Unit

If teachers are so perfect, then how does one explain the degradation of intellectual thought in our society? Universities may have a part to play, but that does not explain why the youth and those who did not go to university are proving to be of lower quality than generations before.

In short, I blame the parents. The single biggest barrier to turning around lives and attitudes with the amazing power of education is undoubtedly the family unit from which the children arrive. Put simply, if the parents are not with us then there is nothing we can do. Being the best role model and academic in the world counts for little when the student returns to squalid living conditions, an absent father and careless mother. If a child is being abused at home then times tables fall by the wayside and everyone becomes an enemy. When broken families send their children to school they send children who are unsupported, ungrounded and undisciplined. Respect becomes non-existent and school is little better than a day prison. Children with bad parents become lousy adults and only know what TV teaches them.


The opposite is also true: supportive parents who value education will end up with more educated and respectful children who can truly make the most of the dedicated and passionate adult that meets them every day at school. This valuing of school and free education also explains why immigrants often outperform locals which just adds to our problems. The answer? Adults need to take responsibility for themselves and their children’s future. If you set your children afloat then they will be brainwashed, just not by your school teacher.

In conclusion, I hope that readers will start to reevaluate their views on state education and how us teachers simply ‘indoctrinate’ the children in our care. I for one am fed up with being blamed for the fall of the West, you should thank me for being on the front-lines battling to save it.



Leo Smith is a UK based explorer of the alternative media who just wants to take part in the great debates of our time.


  • Perseus Slade says:

    In the paragraph beginning with “In terms of…”, shouldn’t it be “prescription” not “proscription”?
    Anyway, it would appear that in UK schools there is a prescribed point of view, from which heretics deviate at the risk of proscription.

  • μολὼν λαβέ says:

    Well, count your blessings! In Germanistan we did have cases of compulsory educational visits to local mosques where parents objected, kept their children at home, only to have police show up and take the children to school/mosque by force. The parents were also slapped with a fine for withholding their child from school, an old law that, like so many others, is nowadays only ever enforced against the native population. Same goes for compulsory sex ”education“, where children aged 3 or 4 are being taught about the joys of sexual activity in all its colourful variants in kindergarden. And that does come with state-issued and mandated curricular guidelines. It would seem that the multicultural paradise formerly known as Germany is much further down this pernicious road.

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