The last whites of the East End: BBC documentary reveals how cockneys are becoming an endangered species in London borough of Newham after 70,000 immigrants moved in
BBC’s Last Whites of the East End looks at life in Newham, east London
The area has had an influx of 70,000 immigrants in the past 15 years
White British families say ‘Cockney’ traditions are now dying out
‘East Enders’ say community spirit has gone forever and area is a ‘slum’
Newham is UK’s most culturally diverse borough according to 2011 census

Cockney to disappear from London ‘within 30 years’

Multiple Users Report YouTube Auto-Censoring Live Stream Chats

Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan, the Internet’s own bogeyman


Free Speech Platform Gab Blacklisted by Web Host, Payment Processors

Coast Guard member reassigned after he flashed ‘offensive’ hand gesture on TV
The video shows a man briefly making an “OK” sign in the background of an MSNBC appearance featuring Capt. John Reed giving an update on the Coast Guard’s Florence storm response efforts, according to NBC News.