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Cheeky Bastard

I am now in technology designer and fabricator with my own business. I started as a spatial parametric savant without. This became a hot commodity when I was 'discovered' and was offered contracts to figure out solutions to problems that other people could not. It was soon discovered that I was highly attuned to facial expression and body language so I was trained in what is called information integrity (or detecting lies). So as long as the government was prepared to pay my education bills I just kept on accumulating higher education. Bachelors in Science in Psychology Neuroscience, Majors including; Psych Law, Psych Forensics. Technology Psychology, Psychological Ergonomics and Game Psychology. Med Science Certifications in Mental Health, Dip Youth Work, Counselling With Practical Deception Direction Study and Experience Certifications in Electronic Engineering and Practical Mechanics Certifications in IT level four, server and networks systems practical experience in welding, spray painting, forging, sculpturing, casting and moulding.

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