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Triumph of the right in Sweden is a result of the total failure of liberalism

Erdogan says Turkey can’t handle Syrian migrant influx, warns Europe of new refugee wave

Hungary’s Viktor Orban pushes for anti-migrant bloc to counter France and Germany
Hungary’s Viktor Orban hopes a right-wing alliance can help gain an anti-migrant majority in the European Parliament. The alliance was pitched by Italy’s Matteo Salvini, whom Orban described as a “hero.”

Macron’s plan to use troops in Paris protests sparks anger
Government bans demonstrations on Saturday in parts of the French capital

Half The French Army Is Now Deployed On French Streets

Thousands of troops on Paris streets but are they France’s new Maginot line?
Troop presence in France hit 10,000 after Paris attacks. Many welcome them, but others fear it is a ‘political anti-anxiety measure’

Sweden has a problem with hand grenades — and here’s why

No, Sweden, hand grenade attacks aren’t an ‘image’ problem

Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class

Sweden’s 100 explosions this year: What’s going on?

Far-right Sweden Democrats top opinion poll in historic shift

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Exports of goods and services (% of GDP)

The European Union Needs to Prepare for the Next Wave of Migrants
New arrivals are ticking up again, but Europe doesn’t even have a short-term plan in place—much less a long-term strategy.