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Poll Shows Growing Distrust of Media Among Americans

Jonah Goldberg: Americans are losing trust in media, and it’s easy to see why
Jonah Goldberg 1 hr ago 1

Vice Media Lays Off 155 Employees With Deepest Cuts in Digital Group
By Todd Spangler

What is wokefishing and how can you spot it?
Ellen ScottSaturday 8 Aug 2020 1:56 pm

Have You Been ‘Wokefished’ While Dating? Here’s How to Tell
If a dude describes himself on Hinge as a “feminist”, pay close attention to how he actually treats women.

Remember Crabs? Turns Out They Didn’t Disappear Along With Our Pubes
When pubic hair became less fashionable, so did talking about crabs—but they’re just as common as they’ve ever been.

Petting the Cat Wrong and 16 Other Ways Our Partners Are Trying to Hurt Us
Weeks of isolation have brought to light a bunch of bafflingly bizarre habits we never noticed about the people we love.

‘Why Do I Keep Texting People Who I Know Aren’t That Into Me?’
The pain of crafting thoughtful missives day after day only to receive a short “lol” in return—or, worse, nothing at all—is like a shot in the heart.

When did liberal men start thinking it was acceptable to tell feminists how to be feminist?
Pregnant with my third child, I faced more than one self-righteous male informing me that ‘biological sex is a construct.’ The arrogance of this is staggering. Every single human being on this planet exists because of the reproductive labour of female bodies