Thumbnail 1024x576 Notes for: Trumps Machiavellian Tomahawk Kabuki Theatre  Trump’s Syria Strike Has Some Critics Cheering and Some Fans Booing

‘This is not the end’: John McCain warns Trump, torches Rand Paul on Syria missile strikes

John McCain Slams Rand Paul on Syria: ‘He’s Wrong’

Syria attack puts US on same side as Daesh: Rand Paul

Republicans including John McCain and Ted Cruz praise Trump for Syrian airstrikes but Democrats say any further military action needs to consult Congress
Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham applauded Trump on Thursday saying he deserves support for taking action against Syria
Trump ordered the attack on a Syrian air base with roughly 60 cruise missiles
It was in response to a chemical weapons attack it blames on President Assad
While Democrats said the airstrikes sent a message, Senator Ben Cardin argued larger military operation in Syria needed to consult Congress

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Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question

The Syrian Pipeline War: How Russia Trumped USA Energy War in the Mideast

There is a crucial hydrocarbon component to the great power contest in and around Syria says F. William Engdahl

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War footage from December 14 2015 in Syria.
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Rep. Massie on Syria: the power to declare war is vested with Congress.

On April 3rd, 2017, an anti-Assad journalist tweeted that the next day he would be launching a media campaign to cover airstrikes on the Hama countryside, including the use of chemical weapons. It is not clear how the reporter was able to know that chemical weapons would be used an entire day before the attacks occurred.

I can show you the evidence again and again but the world doesn’t care plea from British doctor treating Syria ‘gas’ victims – Mirror Online

UK-trained doctor hailed a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria stood trial on terror offences ‘and belonged to the group that kidnapped British reporter John Cantlie’
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Eyewitness says Syrian military anticipated U.S. raid

Trump launches attack on Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles

63 Hours: From Chemical Attack to Trump’s Strike in Syria

Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield, Russian MoD says

Airstrike in Syria Overshadows Meeting Between Trump and Xi – The New York Times

Trump’s Troll Army Isn’t Ready for War in Syria
The alt-right crowd breaks with the president.