$100 / Month

Includes the followings:

  • Get an add from BPS on any social network of your choice,
  • Sunday Show – Chat with Black Pigeon once a month via Discord with a small group. You will be able to ask BPS anything you would like, make suggestions or whatever you want,
  • Get a handwritten postcard sent to you with a small token of my appreciation,
  • Get a Black Pigeon Speaks T-Shirt (Reward delivered after 2 months of Patronage),
  • Get a one-on-one Google Hangout / Skype Call.
    You can speak with Black Pigeon once a month, just the two of us. We can talk about anything you’d like or I can suggest the topic.
  • Get Black Pigeon’s personal email address that has been created exclusively for patrons at this level. You can email about anything you’d like and get a very quick response. Suggest a topic? Maybe we can work it out together.

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