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Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson arrested after ‘trying to film Muslims’ outside court London Evening Standard

Save Tommy Robinson: Arrested for reporting the news

LOST TEEN ‘PREYED ON’ Girl, 16, ‘raped by four laughing strangers after she asked for directions in kebab shop after night out with pals’

Tommy Robinson condemned for ranting about Islamic extremism at scene of London terror attack
‘Far-right figures like Tommy Robinson are vile opportunists: using victims of today’s attack to spread their anti-Muslim message,’ says critic

Rotherham child sex ring: Police investigated over failure to protect vulnerable girls from grooming gang
IPCC involved in 55 investigations into how South Yorkshire Police dealt with child sexual exploitation in the town

West Yorkshire police and agencies ‘failed to protect’ groomed girl
Review finds several agencies failed multiple times to act on reports of rape and assault by men who were eventually jailed

The sub judice rule and contempt of court

WATCH: Police Eject PEGIDA’s Tommy Robinson And His Three Kids From A Major UK City

White girls seen as ‘easy meat’ by Pakistani rapists, says Jack Straw

Rotherham council ignored child abuse by Asian gangs because of ‘misplaced political correctness’, report concludes
Damning report into the Rotherham child sex exploitation scandal finds council riven by ‘bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced political correctness’
Police ‘hid’ abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old
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Missing girl’s body ‘put into kebab’

Police withheld bombshell report revealing how gangs of Muslim men were grooming more than 100 schoolgirls as young as 13 in case it inflamed racial tensions ahead of General Election
West Midlands Police release March 2010 document for first time this week
It says 100 mainly white children were at serious risk of being groomed
Report says perpetrators were all Asian, which could cause tension locally
No appeal was made and the report was published for first time this week

Report about Asian grooming gangs was supressed to avoid inflaming racial tension
West Midlands Police admit not making a grooming report public in 2010 for fear it would inflame racial tensions ahead of the looming General Election

ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL: Horrific reality of ‘industrial scale’ child grooming revealed
GROOMING of young girls by gangs of predominantly Kashmiri men is still occurring on an “industrial scale” in Rotherham because authorities are failing to tackle an organised child sex crime racket, an investigation by has uncovered.
PUBLISHED: 06:00, Tue, Aug 9, 2016 | UPDATED: 15:50, Wed, Aug 10, 2016

Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour’s rule
TONY Blair betrayed Britain for his own political ends by overseeing a massive conspiracy to flood the country with millions of migrants, an explosive book has claimed.
PUBLISHED: 11:03, Sat, Feb 27, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:15, Sat, Feb 27, 2016

Angry remain voter? Now you know how working-class people feel
Dreda Say Mitchell
Of the divisions exposed by the referendum, it’s the gulf between a Europeanised middle class and the marginalised millions that could wreck Britain

The demonisation of the white working class
“Chav bashing” has become an acceptable replacement for overt racism and fuelled the rise of the EDL

English Defence League: Inside the violent world of Britain’s new far right
Undercover Guardian investigation reveals plan by English Defence League to hit racially sensitive areas in attempt to provoke disorder over summer

BY JOSH LOWE ON 2/5/16 AT 2:13 PM

Tommy Robinson: The man behind the British version of Pegida
By Adrian Goldberg
Radio 4’s The Report

Arrests for ‘offensive’ Twitter and Facebook messages up by a third
Said something naughty in London? You could be cuffed

Arrests for offensive Facebook and Twitter posts soar in London
625 arrests were made for alleged section 127 offences in 2010

In Britain, Police Arrest Twitter And Facebook Users If They Make Anti-Muslim Statements


‘Police ignored victims of Rochdale child sex grooming gang because they were from COUNCIL ESTATES’: Shocking report reveals failings allowed abuse to continue
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk claims officers discriminated against girls
It follows damning council report into last year’s child sex scandal
Council found ‘significant part’ of exploitation should’ve been prevented
Abuse centred around nine men connected to taxis and takeaway outlets
They plied teenage girls with drink and passed them around for sex
However, police used officers not trained for sex crimes to investigate
Also did not question why girls had ‘friendships’ with older Asian men
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Oxford grooming: social workers and police ‘turned blind eye to sexualised culture’
Review into Oxford grooming warns against perils of ‘non-judgmental’ attitudes to underage sex as it estimates at least 370 girls likely to have been targeted over 16 years


The Slow Death of Freedom of Speech: Britain’s Most Important Liberty is Under Threat

Chief constable warns against ‘drift towards police state’

Illegal immigrants hijacking trucks to cross Italy and France border to UK – compilation
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